Asia Australia Europe Creative Residency Network

The Asia-Australia-Europe Creative Residency Network is sub-network of Res Artis with the mission to specifically promote more cultural exchange between Asia, Australia and Europe.

The objectives of this subnetwork are to develop several activities and exchanges to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, resources and experiences regarding the artist residencies in these three regions.

Cultural networks are emerging as an increasingly significant channel of international collaboration in arts and culture.

With the aim to recognize the potential of this growing phenomenon and to nurture sustainable professional linkages between Asia, Australia and Europe, is that in 2013 the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) launched the ASEF Creative Networks initiative encouraging the establishment of new networks linking Asia and Europe as well as the development of sustainable projects by existing bi-regional networks. It is in this context that The Asia-Australia-Europe Creative Residency Network started. Thanks to the support from a grant awarded by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF). The Asia-Australia-Europe Creative Residency Network was one of the three selected projects (from a pool of 54 proposals) for support in 2014.

The inaugural meeting of the Asia Australia Europe Creative Residency network will take place in Melbourne, Australia during May 2014.

Project partners include Res Artis, Asialink (Australia), the National Association for the Visual Arts (Australia) and On the Move and attendees include several cultural organisations.

Read more about the first meeting here.

 “This project is supported by the programme ASEF Creative Networks of the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF). This project was selected for support from over 50 proposals submitted through a competitive open call in 2013.”



For more information about the Asia-Australia-Europe Creative Residency Network and its activities contact: