What is freeDimensional?

freeDimensional organizes community arts space and local resources for the support and protection of individuals who create dialogue on global issues and inequalities through their art and media. Its members envision a world in which diverse ideas and rigorous debate are nurtured by inclusive community spaces that are unique for their creative outlook, a process that can result in direct action on critical, contemporary issues. One such action is the provision of short-term studio and residential space for artists, activists and citizen journalists experiencing censorship, xenophobia and/or economic hardship. This service has been termed ‘creative safe haven’ and is based on the idea that many residential artist communities have surplus time and space in which they might accommodate a culture worker in distress.

How did fD develop?
fD developed as a parallel network to Res Artis, incorporating several Res Artis members who were interested to be involved in the activities. These members include Ufa Fabrik, Montalvo Arts Center, Art Omi, Milkwood International Artist Residence, Center for International Art in Community (CIAC), and the Santa Fe Art Institute. freeDimensional engages in a particular style of networking that seeks to build on existing resources (and networks) in the process of linking artistic communities to social justice concerns as they are experienced locally and internationally. Together its participants seek to highlight the relation between issues faced by artists, activists and citizen journalists (or ‘culture workers’) and their bearing on society-at-large, e.g. mobility & migration, the environment, and youth engagement among others.


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