Organisation Structure

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Res Artis is an international Non-Governmental (NGO) and Non-profit organisation (NPO), registered as a foundation in the Netherlands.

We are governed by the volunteer efforts of our Board and part-time staff working in our office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Board of Directors

The Res Artis Board is composed of:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Members of the Board are elected after receiving an advisory vote of the Res Artis membership. The terms are 2-years and may be renewed for up to three consecutive terms for a total of 8 years. Board Meetings are held every other month using online conference. Face-to-face Board meetings are held during Res Artis meetings. Furthermore, the Res Artis Board and staff convene for a strategy meeting every five years. The complete summary of the board position can be read in the Position Description Res Artis Board Members.

Working Groups

There are also several project-based working groups focussing on certain thematics depending on the dynamic needs of Res Artis. 

  • Membership (Incorporating new members, networks and communities)
  • Finance (Fundraising and resources development)
  • Projects (Res Artis Awards)
  • Communications (Web development and external communications)
  • Meetings (Acquisition and developement of  Res Artis meetings
  • Governance (Office governance, Articles of association, regulations and elections processes)

The Chair of each Working Group is a member of the Board, while the members are drawn from the Board and general membership of Res Artis. Members are self-nominated, according to each member's areas of interest.

Res Artis Strategic Plan 2015 - 2020

In 2015 Res Artis had its most recent strategy meeting in Štúrovo, Slovakia. You can find the official Res Artis Strategic Plan for 2015 - 2020 as an outcome of the meeting here.