Our history

Res Artis began in 1993 as a volunteer organisation and informal network, to represent and support the needs of residential arts centres and residency programs.

Michael Haerdter, a founding member as well as the first president of the Res Artis, tells the story of the start of Res Artis. 'Res Artis : The very Beginning'

A time line of past conferences, meetings and events.

  • General Meeting in Tokyo, Japan, 'New Horizons for Creative Platforms, Constellation of Cultures - Asia, Middle East and the Global Network'
  • Regional Meeting in Vienna, Austria, 'Residencies - Gates and Bridges'
  • Regional Meeting in Boston, USA
  • Regional Meeting in Debrecen, Hungary, 'Horizons - Perspectives of Artists Residencies'
  • 12th General Meeting in Montreal, Canada 'The Americas: Independent Artistic Practices in the Era of Globalization'
  • Regional Meeting in Gyeonggi, South Korea as part of 'The 21st Century Art Residency and New Institutional Collaborations' conference
  • Regional Meeting in Warsaw, Poland as part of 'Retooling Residencies' Conference
  • Res Artis Awards presented in Skopje, Macedonia as part of Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean
  • Regional Meeting in Boston, USA
  • 11th General Meeting in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 'Artists in Dialogue, Transforming Communities'
  • Res Artis receives Structural Funds from the European Commission
  • Regional Meeting in Boston, USA as part of the 'Transcultural Exchange' conference
  • Board Meeting in Pittsburgh, USA
  • Working Group in Helsinki, Finland, 'When its all over and everyone's back home: the aftermath of cultural exchange'
  • Res Artis Awards presented in Dakar, Senegal as part of Dakart
  • Regional Meeting in Mexico City, Mexico as part of 'Mexico: Gateway to the Americas'
  • In partnership with the Alliance of Artist Communities, Res Artis received significant support from the Ford Foundation to support the Res Artis Diversity Project
  • In collaboration with ASEF and Ufa Fabrik, Res Artis launches its publication “Residencies: Spaces + Artists +Managers + Communities”
  • 10th General Meeting in Berlin, Germany, 'Sharing Cultures and Social Change'
  • 2nd Res Artis website was launched with news, members section and member's profiles
  • 9th General Meeting in Sydney & Melbourne, Australia, 'KNOWLEDGE + DIALOGUE + EXCHANGE - remapping cultural globalisms from the south'
  • 8th General Meeting in Helsinki, Finland
  • 7th General Meeting in Santa Monica, USA
  • 6th General Meeting in New Delhi, India
  • 5th General Meeting in Cassis, France
  • 4th General Meeting in Dublin, Ireland
  • Kaleidoscope Conference in Berlin, Germany
  • 3rd General Meeting in Budapest and Tata, Hungary
  • 2nd General Meeting in Barcelona & Sabadell, Spain
  • 1st General Meeting in Berlin, Germany


Past Board Members

  • Maria Tuerlings (the Netherlands)
  • Rudolf Brünger (Germany)
  • Clayton Campbell (USA)
  • Michael Haerdter (Germany)
  • O.P. Jain (India)
  • Laurens Schumacher (the Netherlands)