Our history

Res Artis began in 1993 as a volunteer organisation and informal network, to represent and support the needs of residential arts centres and residency programs.

Michael Haerdter, a founding member as well as the first president of the Res Artis, tells the story of the start of Res Artis. 'Res Artis : The very Beginning'

A time line of past conferences, meetings and events.

  • Res Artis Meeting in Tehran, Iran, 'Roots and Routes: Challenges and Opportunities of Connectivity'
  • Res Artis Meeting in Kuang, Selangor, Malaysia, 'Res Artis Meeting of Southeast Asian Arts Residencies'
  • Regional Meeting in Vilnius and Nida, Lithuania, 'Escape and Engagement Residencies as Hosts, Producers and Promoters'
  • General Meeting in Tokyo, Japan, 'New Horizons for Creative Platforms, Constellation of Cultures - Asia, Middle East and the Global Network'
  • Regional Meeting in Vienna, Austria, 'Residencies - Gates and Bridges' 
  • Regional Meeting in Boston, USA
  • Regional Meeting in Debrecen, Hungary, 'Horizons - Perspectives of Artists Residencies'
  • 12th General Meeting in Montreal, Canada 'The Americas: Independent Artistic Practices in the Era of Globalization'
  • Regional Meeting in Gyeonggi, South Korea as part of 'The 21st Century Art Residency and New Institutional Collaborations' conference
  • Regional Meeting in Warsaw, Poland as part of 'Retooling Residencies' Conference
  • Res Artis Awards presented in Skopje, Macedonia as part of Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean
  • Regional Meeting in Boston, USA 
  • 11th General Meeting in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 'Artists in Dialogue, Transforming Communities'
  • Res Artis receives Structural Funds from the European Commission
  • Regional Meeting in Boston, USA as part of the 'Transcultural Exchange' conference
  • Board Meeting in Pittsburgh, USA
  • Working Group in Helsinki, Finland, 'When its all over and everyone's back home: the aftermath of cultural exchange'
  • Res Artis Awards presented in Dakar, Senegal as part of Dakart
  • Regional Meeting in Mexico City, Mexico as part of 'Mexico: Gateway to the Americas'
  • In partnership with the Alliance of Artist Communities, Res Artis received significant support from the Ford Foundation to support the Res Artis Diversity Project
  • In collaboration with ASEF and Ufa Fabrik, Res Artis launches its publication “Residencies: Spaces + Artists +Managers + Communities”
  • 10th General Meeting in Berlin, Germany, 'Sharing Cultures and Social Change'
  • 2nd Res Artis website was launched with news, members section and member's profiles
  • 9th General Meeting in Sydney & Melbourne, Australia, 'KNOWLEDGE + DIALOGUE + EXCHANGE - remapping cultural globalisms from the south'
  • 8th General Meeting in Helsinki, Finland
  • 7th General Meeting in Santa Monica, USA
  • 6th General Meeting in New Delhi, India
  • 5th General Meeting in Cassis, France
  • 4th General Meeting in Dublin, Ireland
  • Kaleidoscope Conference in Berlin, Germany
  • 3rd General Meeting in Budapest and Tata, Hungary
  • 2nd General Meeting in Barcelona & Sabadell, Spain
  • 1st General Meeting in Berlin, Germany

Past Meetings

In 2015, we re-evaluated our meeting strategy and decided to dissolve our former meeting categories and implement more flexible and all-encompassing “Res Artis Meetings”. This will open up more opportunities to organise different scale meetings in the years ahead and offer greater accessibility for our members.

Documentation on past meeetings can be found here.