18/12/2009 - From Mario Caro

There is much change in the air. Of course, at the forefront of these changes are the current financial troubles that are affecting all of us, and that will create challenges for residency programs for some time to come. Res Artis will work to continue to strengthen its network by providing opportunities for its members to share strategies that address the difficulties brought about by the increasing scarcity in funding. While we face many other challenges in terms of access to resources, I am certain that this is of utmost urgency for all of us.
Other changes ahead or more hopeful, particularly within our organization. During our last General Meeting in Amsterdam, we elected three new members to our board of directors. They are:
Sithabile Mlotshwa, who joins the board as its Secretary, is an artist and the founder and director of the Thamgidi Foundation.
GuoXinxin is the founder and director of the Beijing Studio Center.
Todd Lester is the founder and executive director of freeDimensional.
It is obvious that the addition of these extremely ambitious and accomplished individuals will help to strengthen our leadership, helping to guide the organization to its next phase of development.
As part of our efforts to continue to strengthen and expand our network, we will be initiating new ways of communicating among our membership by redesigning our website, which will exploit current social networking strategies, and expanding our meeting sites. During the next couple of years, our hopes are to reach out to new members in Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Americas. To this end, we have developed the following programming.
Upcoming Programming
Training and Support Program

Part of our approach in providing assistance during these difficult times involves the development of a mentoring program, which will provide training and support for emerging residencies. We received much helpful feedback during a session dedicated to this topic during the General Meeting and will be initiating a pilot “training and support program” in the Netherlands with the intention of eventually exporting the model to our entire membership.

Res Artis Residency Awards

Following on the great success of our last round of residency awards, we will once again be able to offer a number of fully funded residencies. This time our vice-president, Marijke Jansen, has been gathering residencies donated by our members—at the last count she had secured nine residencies—which will be awarded to young artists participating in this year’s gathering of the International Association of the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean (BJCEM) being held in September in Skopje, Macedonia.

Transcultural Exchange Conference in Boston

A number of our members will be participating in the Transcultural Exchange conference in Boston scheduled for April 3 - 5, 2009. As those of you who attended the last conference in 2007 know, Res Artis was able to hold a regional meeting there in which much of the work of restructuring the organization occurred. We are looking forward to holding another regional meeting once again and will keep you informed as the details are worked out.

For more information on the Transcultural Exchange conference, visit www.transculturalexchange.org

Regional Meeting in Eastern Europe

In the works is also the planning of regional meeting that will be set in Eastern Europe that will help to address the unique needs of residencies in this region.

Conference in South Korea

As part of our efforts to increase representation from residencies in Asia, we are pleased that we will be hosted by the Gyeonggi Creation Center, a new residency outside of Soul, in October of 2009. Dr. Hong-hee Kim, the director of the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, gave a presentation during our General Meeting hightlighing the imaginative programming slated for the new institution. Holding our next conference there will be an excellent introduction to this new facilty.

General Meeting in Quebec

Looking ahead, we are delighted that Res Artis will be hosted in Montreal, Canada in 2010. The invitation was extended to our organization by Bastien Gilbert, the Executive Director of the Regroupement des centres d’artistes autogérés du Québec. This will provide a forum for addressing the many issues pertinent to the Americas as a whole.
As you can see, we have a full line of programming ahead of us, with some innovative projects in the works. I would greatly appreciate hearing your ideas on our future programming, or on any issue that you feel the organization should address.
Wishing you all the very best during the holiday season and the upcoming new year,
Mario A. Caro

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