4/11/2006 - From Clayton Campbell

Comments from outgoing President Clayton Campbell
As I reflect on the past four years during which I have been President of Res Artis, I am very pleased at the developments and progress of the Res Artis organization. These were accomplished with the dedicated collaboration of all of the Res Artis officers, especially Rudolf Bruenger, Maria Tuerlings, Deborah Obalil, and Nick Tsoutas.
In 2002 Res Artis held a general meeting in Helsinki, and the membership expressed its desire to see a diversification of the general membership in Africa, Asia and South America. At this meeting I was elected President and ‘diversity’ has been my mission.
I was able to obtain funding from the Ford Foundation to sponsor a planning group of 12 Res Artis members to think through and write a strategic planning document that would get the organization ready for a real effort at diversifying its membership to reflect the internationalism of artists and creativity. This group dedicated long hours of their time to helping shape the future of Res Artis. The Ford Foundation grant enabled Res Artis to leverage additional support to hold significant general meetings in Sydney/Melbourne in 2004 and Berlin in 2005. Substantial numbers of Asian Res Artis members and cultural representatives received financial sponsorship to attend these meetings. New regional initiatives were stimulated as a result of this Res Artis support, including the emerging Inter Asian Network and a new network of residential arts centers in Australia.
Again, in terms of diversity, Res Artis held its first meetings in Africa and Latin America. This is a significant step forward as Res Artis enters its second decade of existence. In 2006 in Dakar, Senegal, Res Artis was a co-sponsor of the Dakar Biennale. Ten of our members donated fully funded residencies as the biennale prizes to African artists. This is the first time this has happened in Africa, and reaffirms Res Artis’ mission to provide direct support to artists. And in Mexico City in 2006, another delegation of Res Artis members met in the context of the Las Puertas de las Americas conference and brought Res Artis to the attention of our colleagues in this region, especially those involved with performing arts residencies.
The Res Artis web site made incredible strides forward, and now is the most important web portal providing information on worldwide artist residencies. For the first time it is tri-lingual, again as a beginning to communicate to a diverse population of worldwide artists. We look forward to further improvements and member interaction in this important program of Res Artis.
Finally, the office has been stable and professional in Amsterdam, and this November the board officers will meet in Pittsburgh, USA, at the Alliance of Artist Communities conference. We will continue to discuss future plans for Res Artis, especially where the next meetings will be held, and to re-affirm our organizational commitment to diversity and inclusion of a truly international group of creative persons.
At this meeting, my long time colleague Nick Tsoutas will step into the office of Presidency, and I am thrilled at this outcome. This will be the first Res Artis president outside of Europe/North America, and the diversity of our leadership structure is a key element in a forward- looking future. There are numerous challenges and opportunities for Res Artis, but mainly, it has succeeded in supporting artists and creativity at a time when the world needs its artists the most. It is our artists who ask the most interesting questions, and provide some of the most honest answers. This is the essence of Res Artis, to keep free, uncensored communication alive between creative communities. I will remain on the board of Res Artis as a general member for another year, and will continue to support the dreams and aspirations of my colleagues around the world. Above all I am honored to know so many remarkable persons I have met through Res Artis, and count among my close friends and colleagues.
Clayton Campbell
18th Street Arts Center
Los Angeles

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