4/1/2010 - From Mario Caro

From Mario Caro, Res Artis President.
Looking ahead to the new year, I am inspired by the successes of the many activities we undertook last year and look forward to another year of providing unique programming and services to our membership.
Our General Meeting
Of course, the highlight of this year’s programming for our members will be our General Meeting, which will be held from October 5 – 10, 2010 at Montreal, Quebec and will focus on the theme of “Working on Another Level in the Americas.” We are currently working with Regroupement des centres d'artistes autogérés du Québec (RCAAQ), our generous hosts, to program the event, which will provide a forum for theoretical as well as practical and artistic approaches to the issues of North/South mobility and the challenges faced by self-managed organizations.
New Programs and Services
In addition to the benefits offered to our current members, listed at the bottom of this page, we are endeavoring to produce new programming and services.
A major new service is ResSupport, our training and support service that will provide emerging residencies access to mentors, resources, and other services essential for successfully starting a residency. In conjunction with this new program, we will also be offering ResSupport Fellowships, which will provide opportunities for representatives from emerging organizations to be in residence at an established host institution, providing fellows with a unique opportunity to learn about residencies from the inside.
We are also collaborating with other networks and institutions on policy development. One area that our members have actively identified as something that our network can address is visa reform legislation, which would allow for greater artist mobility.
New website
A crucial means of delivering content for our programs will be our new website, which we will launch in the spring. Some of you who attended the meeting in Poland were able to get a brief preview of the ResSupport module. The new site will offer greater opportunities for online interactivity and collaboration among our members.
New Collaborations
Another opportunity offered by membership to Res Artis, are the many possibilities to engage in collaborative projects with other members, and with Res Artis itself. We would like to encourage you to consider Res Artis as a partner in collaborative efforts that are international in scope. (One example is the drafting of visa reform policy.) There are many possibilities for you to tap into the strength of the network. One possibility is bringing together members to form communities around specific topics. For example, we have heard from some of you who are involved in addressing ecological issues that there would be great benefits in sharing information, resources, and collaborating on projects particular to this issue.
There are many other possibilities for collaboration allowed by our network. We would like to hear your ideas.
New Members
Our membership continues to grow rapidly. Over the last year we increased our members from 223 to more than 300, over a 35% increase. If you are one of the more than 15,000 subscribers to this newsletter who is not yet a member, please consider the many benefits of being part of this growing network. We are the only network of art residencies operating at this global scale. If you would like to gain the many benefits of being plugged in to this net, please join us by following the “join” tab above.
I encourage you to contact me with your ideas about our network at mariocaro@visualcultures.net
I look forward to sharing a productive and rewarding year with you.
Mario A. Caro

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