6/10/2010 - From Mario Caro

Dear Members,
We are in our final preparations for our 12th General Meeting of Res Artis, which is being hosted by the Regroupement des centres d’artistes autogérés du Québec (RCAAQ), an organization that exemplifies a professional and visionary approach to network building. As you know, it will be held in Montreal from October 6-10, 2010.
Full registration and program information is available at www.resartis2010.rcaaq.org
Register soon to ensure your place in what promises to be a grand event.
In many ways, the collaborative process of developing the program for our conference has enacted one of the central aims within our field of art residencies: to engage in exchanges that promote an appreciation for cultural differences.
The theme we have developed for our gathering is “The Americas: Independent Artistic Practices in the Era of Globalization.” The RCAAQ’s focus on addressing concerns specific to independent art centers has provided an opportunity to explore how these issues operate within the geographic scope of the Americas.
A prominent challenge faced within the Americas is that of mobility, and will be one of the central topics for our panel discussions. A related issue is that of hosting practices, which often involve the establishment of protocols that not only accommodate cultural differences but, at the same time, establish a space for understanding commonalities. Of course, cultural exchanges are always circumscribed within nationalist power dynamics, which requires that we consider the ways in which globalization simultaneously facilitates and restricts mobility. A specific, and overarching, concern that Res Artis is attempting to address as part of this discussion are the limitations imposed by visa restrictions.
The processes of globalization within the Americas also present unique challenges to the mobility of Indigenous artists and to the viability of independent art centers that address their needs. These challenges will be addresses throughout the program, both within the panel run by the Aboriginal Curatorial Collective and by Indigenous artists participating in various other panels.
And, of course, all of these engaging discussions and presentations will be framed within the cultural vitality of Québec, a region that provides a unique vantage point to the history and current reality of the Americas.
So, on behalf of our perfect hosts, I look forward to seeing you in Montreal.

Mario A. Caro

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