Website and Newsletter Translators

We are able to offer the Res Artis webpage and newsletter both in Spanish and French thanks to the generous contributions from our many volunteer translators.

Thank you for your time, your skills and your generosity!

Volunteer translators 2017

Spanish: Javier Coronado, Aldo Pinelli 
French: Claire Liengme, Louise Prouteau

Past translators

Macarena Andrews, Maria Lopez, Louise Proteau, Anne Cornet, Lucho Soldevilla, Andree Coconnier, Barbara Carroll, Carlos Loaiza, Carlos Carmonamedina, Rafael Santos, Monique Mossefinn, Albin Carrier, David Rozelle, Chris Simon, Elizabeth Ross, Claudia Costanzo, Alvaro de Salvo, Marketa Klicova, Grete McNorton, Antje Asaru, Jérémie Agbodjavou, Lucho Soldevilla, Liz Millar, Agnes Desjobert, Ima Pico, Cris Kozy and Marc Gilles!