Session Documentation

Thursday October 9

Friday October 10

Saturday October 11

  • Keynote Speaker
    Koulsy Lamko (video)
  • Presentation
    "Res Artis Awards in 2006" (video)
    in IFAA festival Thamgidi Foundation
  • Presentation
    "Res Artis Awards 2009" (video)
    Partnership with the Biennale of Young Mediterranean Artists From Europe and the Mediterranean
  • Workshop
    "Mobility, safe haven and refuge"
    FreeDimensional and Amsterdam Vluchstad
  • Workshop
    "Exclusivity and Diversity"
    Mario Caro
  • Workshop
    "Corporate support of the arts"
    Tricia Snell, Gordon Knox
  • Workshop
    "Issues for West Africa"
  • Reception by Wieden+Kennedy and closing party
    in the Koeplkerk of the Renaissance Hotel


Sunday October 12

  • Presentation
    SLAK studios, Studios Plaatsmaken, Thamgidi studios and IFAA photos
  • Studio tour and meeting with Dakar Res Artis award winners photos


Additional Photos & Videos


Many thanks to the documentation team: Bojana Panevska, Paola Pistone

Videographers: Bojana Panevska, Bogomir Doringer, Avi Krispin, Carien Yatsiv, Ivana Paponja
Photographer: Florian Lantau

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