Amal El Kenawy

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The Thami Mnyele Foundation in the Netherlands will host Amal El Kenawy from Egypt for a two month residency in 2007.

Born in 1974, Amal Kenawy’s work, through its narrative and fictitious dimension is poetic. The artist explores the meaning of life through the metaphoric forms which make up her work. “She has stopped to look down at the town. The lights have withdrawn further. She can only see her face’s reflection in the plane’s window. The night has spread over the external atmosphere. The plane’s information screen has now become her only link with the world. She looks up at the distances and city names. Just a plane flying and drawing lines from dot to dot representing cities. But there were no names. Cities, just lines and dots. She further goes down and looks around her. She looks at all directions but only sees a vast and strange place without buildings, nature, houses or signs. She doesn’t recognize any of the colors here. There is no horizon. She remains there for hours, for days, for years. She stood there looking at the town."