Bill Kouélany

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The Montalvo Arts Center in the USA hosted Bill Kouélany from Congo for three months in 2007.

Born in 1965, Bill Kouelani started art by participating to workshops organized by the Brazzaville French Cultural Center. Congolese artists Trigo Piaula and Rémy Mongo Etsion encouraged and chaperoned her while she allowed herself to be seduced by Tchikaya Utam’si’s poetry. Just as this poet slashes at the French language to better put it in the service of his expression, so does Kouelani tears the paintings and sews the rags again, torturing the anatomies. That is how she gives free flow to her inner expressive power. She doesn’t try to transmit a message but to sensitize people and raise their awareness about the necessity for them to re-build the social fabric which has been destroyed by the lack of communication. The recurrence of the square and the rectangle is emblematic of the artist’s strategy. These shapes evoke the brick that appears in the paintings as an enclosing fence and as a building material.