Mamady Seydi

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Art Omi International in the USA hosted Mamady Seydi from Senegal for a three month residency in 2007.

Born in 1970 in Dakar, Senegal, Mamady Seydi graduated from the Dakar National School of Arts of Dakar in 1997. His sculptural work has designed its own specific character: a very stylized tiny half-man and half-animal figure. His work, like spellbinding voices, claims to be the mirrors of the society. A space for revelation and for staging strong speeches, they reflect the acts in life. Actually, the artist spells out proverbs into art works so as to bring his contribution to the moral education of our society. Bukki neena li nëp wax moy dëg (Hyena says what everybody says is the truth) is a call for people’s solidarity and unity. This installation of characters straddling balls in suspension represents the leaders of the black continent. They are “reaching out for their hands to unite, to share and exchange for the continent’s development" reveals Seydi.