June 2014 - Communication training and Networking sessions

During June 17-19, Res Artis was invited to participate in the Training and Information sessions organised by On the Move for On the Move member organisations and with Asian delegates in Luxembourg.

Following the successful knowledge of 2012, the Agence Luxembourgeoise d' Action Culturelle welcomed On the Move and its members for a training on communication strategies and the use of social media for cultural mobility and cultural networks.

The objectives of this encounter were to share expertise and experience on how to better communicate about cultural mobility opportunities, related issues, and to define effective and efficient strategies to reach each other and also our target audiences via Web-based services. 

Present representatives of cultural networks from Europe and Asia discussing the value of communications and the sharing of cultural mobility opportunities.

During the first day, we got together to discuss the value of social media and share familiarities on the tools we used in order to implement our communication strategies. The aim of the encounter was to find ways to:

1) Improve the ways of how we communicate with each other and our target audiences.
2) Define guidelines for working together and disseminate information.
3) Implement 3 policies to support each other’s work and avoid overlapping.

During the exchange, we also got the chance to discuss over a big set of tools each of ones used in our daily professional work. Working with post-its, we were able to identify the trends in web applications, and divide them into those which serve for i) Productivity, ii) Teamwork, iii) Project Management and iv) Social Media. Afterwards, we re-organized these into those that we i) Never used, ii) Used and abandoned iii) Used from time to time, iv) Often used and v) Used all the time.

Left: Defining a common set of best practices and hashtags usage. Right: Online Tools map for productivity, Project Management, Teamwork and Social Media.

After getting to share experiences of many tools out there, we got a clear overview of what was going on with each others activity and focused in the popular ones, to identify things that worked, and why. (As a result of this workshop, Res Artis was also able to create a specific “Online Tools for Artis Residencies” guide, which will help the members of the Res Artis network to maximize their communication efforts).

During the afternoon of this first session, we created a small and executive working group to put some best communication practices in action among the following months. During this process, we also defined a series of hashtags to better communicate some of the activities done by each network/organisation. (You will find this on the right column box)

The training was also linked to two days of information on cultural mobility for the cultural sector Luxemburg / Grande Région (18-19 June). Together with other OTM members and partners from Asia, Res Artis was able to connect and exchange with an audience of Luxemburgish cultural professionals, managers and potential residency organisers. This two - days meeting is part of a yearly training programme in Luxemburg, Create your future, facilitated by the Agence Luxembourgeoise d' Action Culturelle with the support of the European Social Fund.

In this opportunity, Res Artis was able to present the activities done in the network and to provide an overview of how artists, cultural operators and potential residency organizers can not only get to know about the exchanges done between Asia and Europe, but also how to benefit from being part of an international network of artist residencies.

Left: Res Artis presenting on cultural mobility opportunities between Asia and Europe. Right: Alvaro de Salvo (Res Artis) discussing collaborations with other Res Artis members Petrova Pavla (Arts and Theatre Institute) and Catherine Lee (Bamboo Curtain Studio)

Thanks to the support of the Asia-Europe Foundation, the training and meetings involved some Asian organisations and/ or information platforms such as  Randian magazine (China) and Planting Rice (the Philippines). Will be also represented the Korean Art Management Service and Bamboo Curtain Studio (Taiwan). 

The OTM members participating in the training and the meetings in Luxemburg (beyond the Asia-Europe Foundation) where: Arts and Theatre Institute (Czech Rep.), Culture Desk Foundation (Bulgaria), DutchCulture ¦ TransArtists (the Netherlands), FACE – Fresh Arts Coalition Europe, Kunstenloket (Belgium) Res Artis, SCCA- Center for Contemporary arts (Slovenia) and Trans Europe Halles.

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