June 2014 - Pogon Forum for Croatian artist residencies

Res Artis was invited by Pogon, Center for Culture and Youth in Zagreb, to (re-) argue the reason for investment in residency programs before the Public Sector, and to discuss this diverse and powerful tool with its local cultural professionals.

Res Artis was offered the great opportunity to meet with the Ministry of Culture in Zagreb the day before the Residency Programmes Forum at Pogon in order to already start the exchange about the current state of need in the emerging residency field in Zagreb and Croatia. Of special interest was a carefully produced survey that the officials had sent out to the residency managers in Croatia to gather information in preparation of the Forum. Out of roughly 30 residency initiatives 17 had replied, which clearly brought it home to everyone that the cooperation between the public and the cultural sector for the development of the residency field were only just beginning.

Left to right: Emina Vasics and Sonja Saldo from Pogon accompanied the meeting with Tamara Periscic, Assistant Minister of Culture, and her co-worker. See also Twitter res_artis

The Residency Programmes Forum

At the Forum itself Res Artis introduced observations and examples of social (good and bad) impact of artist residencies around the world, which data was taken from our 500 member strong network database and recent polling. Res Artis also gave its ResSupport Workshop to the roughly 50 people attending the Forum including cultural professionals ranging from design to art to journalism who wanted to learn how to start up a residency.

Res Artis was invited to talk about its ResSupport Program.
Left to right: Lillian Fellmann, Res Artis, Max Auffrischer, Kulturvermittlung Steiermark, Graz, Bojana Panevska, DutchCulture/TransArtists, and Teodor Celakoski, Clubture Network, Zagreb. Moderated by Ivana Podnar from the Ministry of Culture.

Following this warm up, Res Artis guided a two-part workshop that involved a diverse group of local and international (emerging) residency managers in order to draft key recommendations (see report below) to the Ministry of Culture. This included, among many other endorsements, the demand to create a strand specifically for artist residencies within the Culture budget, a multi-layered funding scheme for start-ups and the support for regional mobility to create a national residency network. These recommendations were fed by input of the local cultural agents and flanked by comments made by the international guests.

The workshop engaged six groups working on different issues for the key recommendations to the public sector.

The Ministry of Culture ended the Forum with positively commenting on the key recommendations that were sent to it, informing the practitioners in the room that after their survey they would want to map the national residency field. This is a powerful start for the so crucially needed cooperation between cultural experts and the public sector.

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