Past Meetings

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Since its inception in 1993, Res Artis has organised over 20 meetings all over the world together with its generous hosts. These hosts include Res Artis members or other partner organisations in the cultural field.

Over the years, the Res Artis Meetings have enabled our network to build new partnerships and forge connections. The meetings provide the entire Res Artis community with the opportunity to lend its voice to support the development of the artist residency field, while jointly discussing agendas, missions, and objectives from our sector.

Previously, Res Artis offered the "General Meeting" - a larger worldwide meeting held approximately every two years; and the somewhat smaller "Regional Meeting" - where members meet around a geographical interest.

In 2015, we re-evaluated our meeting strategy and decided to dissolve our former meeting categories and implement more flexible and all-encompassing “Res Artis Meetings”. This will open up more opportunities to organise different scale meetings in the years ahead and offer greater accessibility for our members.

Documentation from Past Meetings