2005 - Berlin

10th General Meeting
Berlin, Germany, 28 September - 2 October, 2005

Res Artis 05 Berlin the 10th General Meeting and Conference of Res Artis was convened by ufaFabrik in partnership with the Asia-Europe Foundation and with Schloss Broellin. The event gathered over 150 participants from 42 countries the largest meeting of the network so far.

Under the title of "Sharing Cultures and Social Change", the meeting was designed with a special focus on Asia-Europe cultural exchange. More than 40 delegates represented residential arts projects from places throughout Asia, including Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam.

“Sharing Cultures and Social Change” refers to the role of artist residencies in society, facilitating cultural exchange and impacting their surroundings to create social change. The programming was quite diverse, mixing keynote lectures and case studies with small group sessions and free time. Content included fresh information on tools for artist’s mobility, personal viewpoints from international funders, debates on current curatorial practices, issues of residency in the performing arts and alternative grant making structures. There was also a significant focus on projects and support systems within and between Europe and Asia.

In order to expose the diverse and evolving art and culture of Berlin, the conference sessions were held in eight different cultural venues throughout the city. An additional excursion day provided the opportunity to explore the surrounding region, with visits to Schloss Broellin and across the border to Szczecin, Poland.