Requests for Meeting Proposals

Conference Purpose Description

Res Artis is the worldwide network of artist residency centers and programs which provide artists with facilities & conditions conducive to creative work. Res Artis provides a platform to support and represent the interests of artist residency centers and programs internationally. Res Artis seeks to foster artist residency centers & programs that show a genuine will to sustain or improve the quality of artistic endeavors in any culture.

Bi-Annual General Meeting/Conference Mission

The purpose of the Res Artis gathering every two years is multi-faceted:

  • To provide a forum for international exchange and networking among the professionals who work in artist residency centers worldwide
  • To encourage international discourse about the issues facing artists of all disciplines across the globe (e.g. mobility, marketplace vs. creative intent, etc.)
  • A face-to-face gathering of the membership to address organisational issues and vote on necessary matters
  • An opportunity to connect artist residency managers with artists in the host community

Global Diversity Intent

It is the intent of Res Artis to truly represent and include artist residency programs from across the globe. The current membership consists of European and North American programs, with growing interest also across Asia, Australia, South America and Africa. The Res Artis Meetings are one of the primary networking and gathering places for Res Artis, so it is paramount that Res Artis Meetings hosts incorporate this commitment to global diversity into the content and logistics of the conference, above and beyond inviting the Res Aris membership.

Host Expectations

Host organisations are expected to provide/manage the following aspects of the conference:

  • Obtain the support of funding agencies and sponsors to cover all costs associated with the conference other than those funds provided through a nominal registration fee. It is the expectation that enough underwriting would be obtained by the host to keep registration fees as low as possible to participating delegates and Res Artis members.
  • Coordinate all logistical aspects of the meeting including space, transportation during the conference to various sites, meals, session audio/visual needs, speaker arrangements and lodging selection.
  • Provide opportunities for conference attendees to connect with local artists and the local arts community.
  • Promote the conference broadly, both to Res Artis members as well as other local, regional and global audiences who may be interested in the conference theme and/or Res Artis network. (Some limited assistance will be provided by Res Aris as outlined below).
  • Select and coordinate appropriate speakers and session panels, with the close collaboration of Res Artis leadership, coming to a full agreement with Res Artis.
  • Allow sufficient time in the conference schedule for Res Artis member business sessions as determined with Res Artis leadership.

Res Artis will provide the following:

  • Provision of current member contact lists and support of promotional efforts through the Res Artis web site and other organisational communication vehicles.
  • Timely response by leadership to planning and session content issues and questions.
  • Provision of the necessary organisational support materials for fundraising efforts communicating the mission, purpose and membership of Res Artis.

For further information

Please read over our Procedure to apply for a Res Artis meeting (PDF).

If you are interested in hosting a smaller meeting and do not have answers to alll the points in our procedure outline or if you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us at