Welcome Address of O.P. Jain

Dear Friends,

Set amidst the north-eastern spurs of the Aravalli Ranges, the city of Delhi, often referred to as the 'Rome of Hindustan', ranks as one of the most ancient and historic cities of India. lt is a city of many layers, each with its own story, where many a city was built, destroyed and then rebuilt. lt has been the capital of mighty empires and powerful kingdoms. lt has seen the ebb and flow of many a civilization. Popular tradition mentions seven citiess of Delhi. Delhi is also the site of the only complete city built by the British in India. New Delhi was designed by Sir Edward Lutyens and has wonderful urban design elements in the form of a Bungalow Zone, a colonnaded shopping arcade and monumental govemmental buildings. After India achieved independance, Delhi has grown by leaps and bounds to become a major political, social, educational, commercial, trading and industrial centre of India.
Delhi, today, exists as an amalgamation of the new with the old. lt bears the complexities, the contradictions, the beauty and the dynamism of a city where the past co-exists with the present. Its diverse cultural elements make exploring the city a fascinating and rewarding experience.
As you know, Res Artis is an international association of residential arts centres and programmes which provide facilities and conditions conducive to creative work. Res Artis provides a forum to support interaction to diverse cultures in the world and it is the first time that its AGM is being held in a country with a unique diverse culture.
The main objectives of Res Artis are to encourage understanding of the work of residential arts centres and the contribution they make to the development of art and ideas in the contemporary world. To collect and provide information on artist residency programmes. To represent members' and artists' interests to governmental and non-governmental agencies, and in every other possible way. To provide expertise and advice to its members in response to their evolving needs. To encourage and assist the development of new residential arts centres, particulary in regions where there are none or few. To hold periodic meetings at which issues of interest to its members are addressed. To encourage and assist contacts, exchanges and collaborations between artist residency programmes.
Sanskriti Foundation is privileged to host the Annual General Meeting of Res Artis this year and we hope that you enjoy your visit to India and stay in this historical city.