Exploring Diversity

Thursday, Oct 9, 2008

Exploring Diversity from Res Artis on Vimeo.

Workshop by the European Cultural Foundation (ECF)

Workshop contributors:

Odile Chenal, Deputy Director, European Cultural Foundation (ECF)
Susanne Mors, Program Officer, ECF
Dineke Huizenga, Independent Consultant Culture & Diversity
Claudia Valentijn, Project Officer, Kunstenaars & Co
Lisia Pires, Project Leader, Netwerk CS

Description of Workshop

The workshop is meant for residential art centers that are engaged in intercultural dialogue and in working with ethnic minorities and new communities.

In this workshop we will share experiences on the issue of diversity and working with new communities in the professional arts & culture field. We will kick-off the workshop by presenting a few initiatives of the European Cultural Foundation and partners, such as the Rainbow Platform (Civil Society Platform for Intercultural Dialogue), the Arts Festivals’ Declaration on Intercultural Dialogue, “From Talent to Profession” - a coaching programme for young artists from ethnic minorities, and 'Jump in!': a cultural work placement scheme.

Those examples are addressing different levels on which organisations can engage in intercultural dialogue, covering both local and international as well as cultural and cross-sector initiatives.


European Cultural Foundation (ECF)

The ECF is an independent organization, which helps the arts contribute to a strong, united and diverse Europe built on shared cultural values. It has a special commitment to the new generation of Europeans. Many of the activities are geared towards bringing out the creativity in young people of all backgrounds.

The ECF supports high-quality artistic activities and cultural cooperation across different countries, borders and boundaries. It advocates for culture, helping to create better conditions for the arts and campaigning to change political attitudes to culture at EU level.


Rainbow Platform (Civil Society Platform for Intercultural Dialogue)

The European Cultural Foundation and the Culture Action Europe have launched a civil society platform for intercultural dialogue to help ensure that the 2008 EU Year of Intercultural Dialogue has much more than merely symbolic importance and a practical legacy.

European cultural organizations and networks, as well as organizations dealing with related issues such as migration, education, youth and social affairs, are part of the platform. The platform's aims are to map, exchange and disseminate best practice throughout Europe; produce content, policy analysis and recommendations; act as a consultative body for the EU regarding the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue; and to make its own contribution to 2008.


Arts Festivals’ Declaration on Intercultural Dialogue - EFA

The Arts Festivals’ Declaration on Intercultural Dialogue is an initiative of the European Festivals Association (EFA), and a showcase project of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008. It is a manifesto that is travelling across Europe and beyond inviting festivals to sign up and join forces in order to highlight the outstanding excellence of arts and culture and, in particular, festivals for developing and promoting intercultural dialogue: artist-in-residence programmes, educational and outreach activities, reflections and debates are promoted under the flag of the Declaration. Available on a special webpage in 25 languages and communicated widely through the monthly FestFlash on Intercultural Dialogue, hundreds of festivals already signed up. With this initiative EFA is increasing the circle of festivals engaged in intercultural dialogue, sharing experiences and best practices, and raising awareness among European citizens of the importance of enhancing dialogue amongst cultures.


From Talent to Profession (Van Talent naar Beroep)

This programmed helps young and promising artists from ethnic minorities in the Netherlands to further develop their artistic and managerial skills. Starters and professionals are invited to take part in targeted coaching and training, and to receive financial and legal advice. The programmed has been set-up by Kunstenaars & Co (http://www.kunstenaarsenco.nl/english/) and Netwerk CS (www.netwerkcs.nl – in Dutch only), commissioned by the Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Kunstenaars & Co (Artists, Culture and Entrepreneurship) is a Dutch non-profit organisation which stimulates and supports artists in raising their levels of professionalism and developing new areas of work. Netwerk CS is a national network of professionals and organizations in the cultural sector which aims to develop diversity projects and policy in the field of audience development, programming and human resources policies. Both organizations will explain what the impact of their joint venture has been, also within their own organizational environment.

Jump in!

Jump in! is a new work placement scheme, initiated by the European Cultural Foundation in partnership with Kunstenaars & Co and Netwerk CS, which will see ethnic minorities and new communities better represented in cultural organisations in the Netherlands. Jump in! is a locally focused, practical tool for facilitating intercultural dialogue. It should result in a positive experience of cultural diversity for all those taking part.