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Thursday, Oct. 9, 2008

Goran Stefanovski Keynote Speach from Res Artis on Vimeo.


Goran Stefanovski Bio

Dramatist and playwright Goran Stefanovski was born in Macedonia. He worked in Yugoslavia as one of its most prominent theatre professionals until the early 90s, when he moved to England. His career was deeply affected by the collapse of the communist regime in East Europe and the war in Yugoslavia in 1992. His works became engaged with the social and political problems in Ex-Yugoslavia and their repercussion in Europe. Stefanovski has written the scripts for a number of productions, dealing with issues of migration, social conflict, post-communist transition and multicultural identity. Among them are Hotel Europa (2000) and Landscape X: Euralien (1998), both produced by Intercult, Stockholm.

Goran  personal statement

I am a practicing screenwriter and playwright and a researcher in the methodology and theory of scriptwriting as well as issues of identity and cultural history, politics and policies.  

Research into the Methodology and Theory of Scriptwriting

In 2002 my A Little Book of Traps, (a scriptwriting tool) was published in Stockholm by the Dramatic Institute (Dramatiska Institutet) Stockholm, Sweden, 2002. This was the fruition of two years of research I undertook at the Dramatic Institute in Stockholm, the leading research body in my field.

Practice of Scriptwriting as Research

In this period I wrote and oversaw the production of three new plays. My play Everyman (An immorality play), 2002, was commissioned and produced by Theatre Melange, London in 2004. It went on a UK tour and a British Council sponsored tour to the Republic of Macedonia. This work took two years of research of dramatic materials and collaboration with director Sandy Maberley and the theatre company. I was sponsored by the Arts Council as an artist in residence with the theatre. 

In 2004 I presented the paper “After dinner speech” at the “Sharing Cultures” conference in Rotterdam, Holland. In 2005 I presented a paper “The Heart of the Matter” at the “What Future for the Balkans and the EU?”, European Cultural Foundation Conference,  The Hague, The  Netherlands. In May 2006 I was elected member of the European Cultural Parliament (ECP), a forum for outstanding artists, thinkers and cultural personalities from all over Europe. (www.kulturparlament.com). In June of 2006 I was member of a Panel discussion, “Where are the Balkans?”, hosted by the Austrian Cultural Forum, London.