Queens Collective Exhibition 0.2.

Saturday 20th of January 2018 / 7PM Exhibition (Visual Arts) and Performances.

ENGLISH / عربي

you are kindly invited to the Queens Collective Exhibition 0.2. (Queens Collective is a community art space that offers residencies to international and local artists.
Queens Collective bridges communities.
It is a house, a group of people and a piece of time where members from all over the world share their individual experiences and shape the collective’s work through exhibitions, encounters, performances, collaborations, workshops and social projects.
As a collective they share a common vision with interests in cultural activism, feminism, community engagement and artistic exploration.
Since the 1. September 2017 a group of 6 artists were invited for 5 months as temporary members of the Queens Collective.
In this group exhibition the artists are sharing their experiences and thought processes, the seeds they planted in the collective and the Marrakech community.
This presentation is the last exhibition of the current artists in residence.

Looking forward to seeing you
Queens Collective


Saturday 20th of January 2018 / 7PM
Exhibition (Visual Arts) and Performances

Lisa Stewart (AUS)
Christian Hansen (DK)
Kate Nickel (US)
Irfan Ahmed (US/PK)
Laura Tack (BE)
Noureddine Ezarraf (MA)
Cherise Dobbins (US)
Hana Tefrati (MA/DE)


19:00 open doors
20:00 interview performance Hana Tefrati
20:30 intervention Noureddine Ezarraf
20:50 live story-telling Lisa Stewart
21:00 performance Christian Hansen
21:30 live story-telling Lisa Stewart
22:00 DJ ane the greatest set by Laura Tack / Christian Hansen

19:00-22:00 ongoing exhibition Cherise Dobbins / Kate Nickel / Laura Tack / Irfan Ahmed / Noureddine Ezarraf


سيداتي، سادتي،

تحية طيبة،

نتشرف بدعوتكم لحضور المعرض الفني 0.2 لكوينز كوليكتيف.

كوينز كوليكتيف، مساحة فنية مشتركة توفر إقامات للفنانين الدوليين والمحليين.

كوينز كوليكتيف هي بمثابة جسر بين المجتمعات الفنية.

بيت، مجتمع أفراد وظرف زمان حيث يشارك أعضائه من مختلف الأقطار تجاربَهم ويقدمون أعمالا جماعية من خلال معارض، لقاءات، فنون أداء، أشكال تعاون فني، ورشات ومشاريع اجتماعية.

كجماعة فنية، يتقاسم أعضاءها رؤية مشتركة واهتماما بالعمل الثقافي، النسوية، الالتزام المجتمعي وكذا البحث الفني.

لقد تم دعوة 6 فنانين منذ فاتح شتنبر 2017 من أجل عضوية مؤقتة لمدة خمسة أشهر في كوينز كوليكتيف.

من خلال هذا المعرض الجماعي، سيقوم الفنانون بمشاركة تجاربهم وأفكارهم، تلك البذور التي زرعوها أثناء عملهم في إطار الإقامة وكذلك مجتمع عيشهم في مراكش.

يمثل هذا الظهور آخر معرض للفنانين المقيمين حاليا في كوينز كوليكتيف.

عن كوينز كوليكتيف


معلومات إضافية

السبت 20 يناير 2018

الساعة السابعة مساءا

معرض (فنون بصرية) وفنون أداء

ليزا ستيوارت (أستراليا)
كريستيان هانسن (دانمارك)
كايت نيكل (و.م.أ)
عرفان أحمد (و.م.أ / باكستان)
لورا تاك (بلجيكا)
نورالدين الزراف (المغرب)
شيريز دوبينز (و.م.أ)
هناء تفراتي (المغرب/ألمانيا)



19:00 الافتتاح

20:00 أداء حواري. هناء تفراتي.

20:30 مداخلة. نورالدين الزراف

20:50 سرد حكائي حي. ليزا ستيوارت.

21:00 أداء. كريستيان هانسن.

21:30 سرد حكائي حي. ليزا ستيوارت.

22:00 دي جيه تجريبي (أداء موسيقي). لورا تاك وكريستيان هانسن.

19:00-22:00 : أعمال معروضة، شيريز دوبينز/ كايت نيكل / لورا تاك / عرفان أحمد / نورالدين الزراف.


Cherise Dobbins
Parallels, Queens Collective, 2018

Parallels explores a correspondence of mysticism, geometry, symbolism, and imagery within the chosen archetypes of art-deco tarot, Moroccan architecture, and the aesthetic of what is channeled on a creative level.

Lisa Stewart
TEDD Ex Talks: Marrakech Tours
From luxury meats & serpents to the misuses of henna
A keynote on navigating to the square

Using live story telling, visual essays, and non-lingual approaches to cover some complexities and perversities of tourism in Marrakech. Working with magic realism, TeXT: Marrakech Tours takes you into the cracks to spend time with the bugs, the dirt and the lost coins.

Laura Tack
excerpt Manifest 2014 - 2018

The act of creation is one of the most abstract beings in being
but so is science, philosophy and all living organisms
A painting doesn’t want to be explained
A painting wants to be experienced
Art is like language, a tool for communication, you can’t really get rid of it

It allows us knowledge of the past, it allows us fragments of the now.

Kate Nickel
1- How-to Lists
2- Slow Learner/Late Bloomer

Collecting knowledge and noticing and living and connecting and disconnecting and relating and understanding and misunderstanding and eating and cooking and learning and teaching and riding and writing and moving and reading and talking and listening and shopping and supporting.

Irfan Ahmed

Blending the world of computer programming with storytelling, the artist is creating an aural world in which the audience can become immersed and can interact with in order to choose how the story progresses.
In this fictional world set in the future humans have begun augmenting with machines. Individuals are implanted with an artificial intelligence conscience (conscaince) which regulates individual decisions in order to benefit the larger community. Is this the next evolutionary step towards collective responsibility? Or could it become another means to restrict freedom?

Christian Hansen

In a far-off country there was once a little gardener called _____ because _____________. He was a happy man, but so restless that he could not stick to his given tasks, had to run off and experiment, without leave…

Hana Tefrati
interview internal view
how do we communicate?
how important is the intellect, the gaze, the touch in our conversations?
An interview performance - questioning the mind and triggering the senses

Noureddine Ezarraf
Are these Irreplaceable Objects ?
Assemblage & Intervention

Irreplaceable Objects is a term that reflects the ubiquitous way in which institutions valuate objects. Yet there remains more to investigate about how Irreplaceable Objects involves aesthetics, colonization, memory, politics and identity.

A work between collage, bricolage, garbology and poetry.


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