Takt Talk by Maria Ponce

Takt is happy to present Mexican sound artist Maria Ponce in conversation 20:00 13th March, 2018.

"Love to listen. Sound is the main way to learn about the world that surrounds me.

Ever since I was little I was hypnotised by the sounds of: (SFX TURNING THE PAGES OF A HEAVILY PRINTED NOTEBOOK) and falling asleep with my aunty whilst listening to: (SFX CRACKLING SOUNDS OF A RADIO). Since then, I have been woven into the world of sound."

Maria Ponce is Sound artist and Radio Producer with a Masters Degree in Sonic Arts from Queen’s University Belfast in the UK and an Audio-visual Communication degree from Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana in Mexico. Working for 15 years in different radio stations in Mexico and producing podcast in the UK and Germany. Collaborating as an Audio Producer and an International Events Coordinator in the National Sound Archives of Mexico. Winning Honorary Mentions at the International Contemporary Film Festival of Mexico City and at the 6th International Radio Biennial.