An intensive workshop bringing together different disciplines to explore Hinges Mirrors & eclipses.

Today, in these early days of the 21st century, the most common observation is transformation itself: cultural, technological, social, political, ecological and economical. With every surface potentially: lens and mirror, every moment potential hinge and eclipse, every person potential actor and audience, the geographies we are navigating contain multiple forms of experience that at once: collapse and expand the spaces between us. We are in the midst of re-alignments and re-articulations of every aspect of our lives and there are people and institutions across all disciplines and across the globe that are increasingly confronted by the need for new models of asking the extraordinarily complex questions of our time.

Hinges, Mirrors & Eclipses is grounded in the idea that the spatial, poetic and material imaginations provide a unique means of registering and creating transformation, of engaging the world and making a contribution. Working from the principle that our capacity to act in the world is rooted in our capacity to recognize and comprehend transformation, the workshop covers a large arc of content, asking questions of our world, our disciplines and our humanity. 

Through art, architecture, poetry, film, theater, music, science, technology, finance, politics, industry, biology and literature, we will begin with a close examination of the nature of transformation. Our initial discussions will focus on turning points: from the innovations of the elevator, train and telegraph, to the invention of modern corporations, banking and electricity; from the Copernican turn, to Darwin and the transformations of Yoruba polytheism; from the birth of the Greek theatre to the emergence of photography and film. The conversations will explore many forms of knowledge, agency, action and transformation. 

From these initial conversations we will begin to create actions and interactions: physical and performative works, words and gestures, improvisations and inventions. These will evolve and emerge as a field of inquiry and agency, a shared body of individual and collective works asking the questions: Hinges Mirrors & Eclipses.

Hinges Mirrors & Eclipses will be Arts Letters & Numbers 7th Summer Workshop. The four-week intensive workshop will be led by Director David Gersten, the Arts Letters & Numbers Fellows and a wide range of Visiting Artists including: Architects, Filmmakers, Musicians, Composers, Physics, Poets, Photographers, Actors, Mimes, Theater Directors, Chefs, Scientists and Scholars.

Workshop Living
This summer’s workshop is arranged as a four-week intensive program. The structure and nature of the questions are intended to encourage participants to engage in individual and collaborate works, to explore how one’s own work contributes to and supports the workshop as a whole. Our spaces and their contexts are stages for questions, asked across all of the disciplines, and serve as the primary sites for collective sharing and learning: our dinners, lectures, workshops and critiques.

A communal live-work environment is an integral part of the workshop experience: the practice of living reflects an approach to the work and the potential for interactions across disciplines. Shared accommodations will be provided in the House on the Hill, in one of our nine bedrooms. They all have simple comfortable futon beds on low raised platforms, arranged in double, triple, and quad sleeping arrangements.

Workshop Cost

The Workshop fee covers the following:

  • Accommodation: includes shared room (we are not able to offer any private accommodation) and board with daily dinner and self-service breakfast & lunch.

  • Participation: includes communal studio space, hands-on construction experience, individual and group instruction, critiques and exhibition, and visits from guest speakers and artists.

  • Transportation: for group excursions and also including pick-up and drop-off to/from bus (Greyhound or Megabus),  train (Amtrak) or airport (Albany Int’l Airport)

  • Material: tools and equipment connected to the group works for the Summer Workshop is covered. Participants are responsible for personal materials used in their creative work.

  • Equipment: please make sure to bring the equipment you find necessary for your participation. We will have a limited selection of instruments available for shared use. Please contact us for more detailed information.

  • The Workshop fees:Full workshop July 8th – Aug 6th ................. $ 2400

  •                                     2 weeks (first 2 or last 2)…………….......... $ 1600

  •                                     Creative Music Intensive (last 2)……....... $ 1600

We will strongly recommend attending the full four-week workshop. However, depending on available spaces, we will accept shorter attendances with a minimum stay of two weeks.

For more information and to apply visit our website: