A4 ARIE Program - 西南民族大学讲座 Translatio Conscientia –Seminar of Artist Dieter Detzner in The Southwest Minzu Uni


  2018413日,麓湖·A4美术馆2018年国际驻留艺术家项目进行了第一场公教活动。德国艺术家Dieter Detzner 来到了西南民族大学艺术学院,进行以感知变革为主题的讲座。现场,Dieter和观众们分享了他的作品及创作经历。而随着今年驻留项目的开展,驻留艺术家和策展人们还将深入城市、校园、社区等公共空间,和公众互动,一起感受多元的艺术世界。

  On April 13th 2018, the first public education activity of The LUXELAKES·A4 Art Museum‘s ARIE Program was held. Dieter Detzne, the German artist had a lecture with the subject of Translatio Conscientia at the School of the Arts of Southwest Minzu University. At the lecture, Dieter shared his works and creative experiences to audiences. With the beginning of this year's residence project, the residency artists and curators will also visit public spaces such as cities, campuses and communities in order to interact with the public and experience a diverse art world together.

  Dieter Detzner的作品主要以雕塑、摄影和装置的方式呈现,通常与空间相关。早期,Dieter关注与自然与文化之间的联系,喜欢模拟沉思者的思维活动,后来在“变化意识”的影响下,利用声控装置对爆炸瞬间场景捕捉,同时伴随着对“宇宙大爆炸”的想象,开始追问“万物有源这样的终极命题。之后他的雕塑作品多是讨论空间与空间的关系,其作品通常是悬置在墙面和空间中的,将一个平面拉出立体的凸起,或是在空间中构成另一个不可见空间的几何体。

  Dieter Detzner's works are mainly presented in the form of sculptures, photography and installations, which usually relate to the space. He early focused on the connection between nature and culture. And he liked to simulate the thinking activities of the thinker. Later, under the influence of “Change Consciousness”, he used the voice-control devices to catch the instant scenes of explosions. Meanwhile, he started to research the ultimate proposition of “Everything comes from nothing, there must be an eternal and immutable element” by accompanying with the imagination of “Big Bang”. Afterwards, his sculptural works mostly discuss about the relationship between one space and another. His works are usually hanging in a space between walls. Especially, he pulls a plane out of a three-dimensional bulge, or forms another invisible space of geometry in this space.

嘉宾简介/Guests Introduction

艺术家/ Artist

Dieter Detzner(德)

艺术家 Dieter Detzner,1970年出生于德国巴登符腾堡州阿伦市,毕业于柏林艺术学院。其作品曾于北京今日美术馆、德国卡尔斯鲁厄艺术与媒体(技术)中心、比勒费尔德艺术协会公开展出,并且多次出现在Neu Berlin、柏林Nourbakhsch、柏林Truelzsch、柏林Max Hetzler、马赛Gourvennec、巴黎Corty和伦敦Madder 139等多间画廊。现今生活和工作在柏林,他的艺术作品是基于空间创作的,他喜欢把观众都融入到作品中,以使观者能以新的形式去感受它们。

Dieter Detzner was born in 1970 in Aalen, Baden-Württemberg and studied at the Hochschule der Künste (Academy of Arts) Berlin. His work was shown in public museums among others at Today art museum Beijing, ZKM Karlsruhe, Kunstverein Bielefeld. He also showed in numerous galleries, for example Neu Berlin, Nourbakhsch Berlin, Truelzsch Berlin, Max Hetzler Berlin, Gourvennec Marseille, Corty Paris and Madder 139 London. Dieter lives and works in Berlin, and his art work is space related. He likes to involve the audience in the work so it is possible for the viewer to experience oneself in a new way.

策展人/ Curator 

/Cai Liyuan


Born in 1985, curator, live and work in Chengdu. Cai Liyuan got bachelor degree from the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in 2007 and master degree from Art College of Sichuan University in 2010. Since 2010, she has served as the ARIE program curator of Luxelakes ·A4 Art Museum and the director of the academic department of the exhibition. Meantime, she is mainly responsible for artists in residence international exchange program. Moreover, she insists on developing research of the foreign resident work and reinforces exchanges and cooperation among different cultures. At the same time, she also takes part in the planning and implementation of various contemporary art projects.

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