Internship/Volunteers needed--Public Outreach and Program Development

Experience a lush, open-minded Art/Ecology Center and learn new skills in programming and outreach.

This is an amazing opportunity to affect the world sphere by integrating  creative human culture as permaculture. This internship program could expand to work opportunities in *Costa Rica. The work environment is fun, open minded, invigorating, and enlightening.  We are willing to open our organization to help mentor skills in public outreach and program development.  We know the situation on the planet is getting very complex and want to provide opportunities for adventurous, wise allies to jump on board our amazing Center's mission. 

Key personality traits are: adaptability, intuition, improvisation, intelligence, and a sense of fun.  

Key skills:  computer--web, video, public interaction, organization.  If you are looking for 'hands-on' experience with a project that engages potential in arts and ecology as healing for consciousness, then this is for you. 

We welcome all people regardless of race or sexuality to apply who have a deep sense of integrity.  Spanish and English are required, or you can use this as an immersion to learn either language.  We can provide housing, food and possibly travel.  We will need 3 recommendations/references, and a chat/skype interview.  

Some questions to consider: 
Why are you interested in this program, its location, and its mission? 

How have your experiences been in new environments? (Either new to the terrain, remote locations or ‘new’ as in beginning an organization.)

What are your work patterns?

What are your strongest character aspect and most amazing organizational skill?


After a successful 1 month trial we can offer a small stipend for monthly expenses.  The internship call is ongoing, though we are looking to start anytime after November, 2018.   **This is more than a “job”—it is a lifetime experience that will benefit all beings on the planet.