Homecoming - A Year in Review

Homecoming - A Year in Review art exhibition and publication launch

The Bakery 1670 Franklin St. Vancouver BC Canada
Opening reception AUG 24 2018, 7-10 PM
Exhibition run AUG 24 - SEP 7 2018 by appt. contact@elmoshouse.org

Homecoming is the return from a place been, back to a place called home. Though the act of coming home is an ordinary enough expedition, the distance, time lost, rebuilding what once was or of creating something altogether new, are the details that make this particular homecoming distinct. 

This exhibition is composed of materials accumulated from the work and life at Elmo’s House Artist Residency, during its first year of operation. 

Along with a selection of artworks by artists-in-residence, are objects borrowed from the personal collection of the projects’ namesake. Also on view are artworks by Kuh Del Rosario, completed in the last year. This collection of objects are significant in telling the story of Elmo’s house, as it evolved from a private dwelling to a public space dedicated for artists to conduct research and art. Objects were chosen for their sensorial qualities, as well as artworks made in response to the particularities of the house and community in which the residency is situated. 

Homecoming also serves as a visual component to Elmo’s House Artist Residency’s first issue of its annual review, of the same name. Homecoming, the publication, is set to launch during the opening reception. In celebration of the residency’s inaugural year, the first issue reflects on the previous year through artist features, photo essays, guest contributors and interviews. 


The year before the residency started, was filled with a great deal of planning and campaigning for the benefit and promotion of Elmo’s House Artist Residency. A key strategy for generating funds was crowdsourcing. We received an overwhelming amount of support through this initiative. Friends, family and colleagues alike aided in our cause. The support raised was a tremendous gift that helped jump-start the residency. With the help of our patrons, Elmo’s House Artist Residency was able to begin on schedule.

Maribeth Laurente 
Robert Turriff
Shapiro Family
Valerie Lamiel
Sanaz Afshar
Christina Ally
Raissa Alvero
Greer Attridge
Hana Balaban–Pommier 
Ed Chan
Allison Collins 
Tiffany Creyke 
Charlotte Falk 
Vinny Gib 
Rene Gouin 
Celia Hamilton
Lisa Tanner
Bradley Harms
Marc Hutchinson
Jonathan S. Igharas
Robert Mckenzie
Frances Mckenzie
Elizabeth McLean
Freddy Ouano
Miruna Palosanu
Sara Reedman
Elise Stella
Thrive Studios (Jamie Smith) 
Kelly Ulmer
The Romero Family
The Angeles Family

2017 artists-in-residence:

Tsēma Igharas
Jonathan Igharas
Elizabeth McLean
Andrea Forist
Danielle Gotell
Andy Dixon
Marc Standing
Liz Kim
Bradley Harms
Sara Reedman
Larissa Tiggelers
Karilynn Ming Ho

The making and completion of Homecoming were made possible through the contribution, guidance and generous support of the following individuals:

Elliat Albrecht
Alex Quicho
Larissa Tiggelers
Sara Reedman
Joan Ang-Oay Laurente 
Ryan Romero
Nancy de Mayo
Ethel Apuzen & Leticie Parco Sucgang
Dolly Angeles
The Bakery (Robert Turriff and Ahbyah Baker)
We would also like to thank The Del Rosario Family, for their unfailing support. Most significant in his contributions, in life and after is Elmo F. Del Rosario, whom this project could not have done without.

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