2018 A4国际艺术家驻留项目:无知的想象力——全球化和地域化 2018 A4 Artist in Residence International Exchange Program: In-between: Misunderstanding and Imagination—Globalization and Regionalism

Lim Jongeun and Xie Fan discussed about ithe misunderstanding, imagination, and in-between.

Ignorance is not absolute, it doesn't mean you know nothing. It is an imcompleteness when the existing knowledge that exposes in front of something. 

Misunderstanding is partly about how the existing knowledge deals with its own incompleteness when facing something beyond its category. For example, the Universe is misunderstood by physicists, or Mr. X misunderstands this exhibition. Individual knowledge can not be completed, when someone have to taking in something brand new to his existing knowledge system, he has to rebuild the system, that is when he is IN-BETWEEN and where the imagination works. And where someone choose to go back to the safe zone, someone to move on – but actually no one can retreat unscathed, both options require imagination.

On August 22, A4 Art Museum and Panzhai prepared a small dinner, and chef Lim Jongeun and host Xie Fan want (essentially) to discuss about ithe misunderstanding, imagination, and in-between with their guests. We will see the complex transitions happen on ingredients as they are being cooked - a long and painful IN-BETWEEN state - then become what we can eat; There will also be a discussions about the flow of traditional cuisine across east Asia with their background and culture, as well as instant food and globalization.


8月22日,A4和盘斋一起准备了一个小夜宴。这一场小夜宴,主厨林钟恩和主人谢帆便想(非常本质地)与客人们讨论无知、误解、想象、In-Between。我们会看到食材在被烹饪的过程中发生复杂转变,它们经历漫长而痛苦的In-Between状态后变成我们想要的东西;也会讨论传统美食带着文化在东亚三国间流动,以及instant food和全球化等问题。