Residency exhibition: The Door Gods are Fishing by the Window, while the Overgrowing Vicissitudes have Compromised to Inertia

The residency exhibition for STRWÜÜ.

“The door gods are fishing by the window, while the overgrowing vicissitudes have compromised to Inertia.” This description is their poetic interpretation of this place. The sounds of plants growing in various plastic containers, the sounds of mixers pouring cement piles, the sounds of electrical wire entrenched in mottled walls, and the sounds in restaurants and snack shops blended in streets and alleys of the sultry city of Chengdu. Day after day, these sounds grow wildly and continuously.

In my opinion, Lukas Fütterer and Jo Wanneng are the kind of artists with a little axis. They don't pay much attention to appearance or form. They also refuse to restrict and presume as well. They always make the best things as they are and this is similar to people here. Also like their common name - STRWÜÜ, a string of freely chosen and combined letters. However, what is hidden behind their casual attitude are strong and hard. The boldness and persistence of the northern environment were evident in them, and they are never content with the present when the goal is apparent, no matter in Beijing or Karlsruhe. The most impressive aspect of the collaboration with them is the state of freedom and the rigour of technology. Their works are always between mechanical objects, ready-made objects and natural objects. Also, the performance of sound and devices makes every scene impossible to reproduce. These items come from different scenarios and are chosen according to the fit of the concept and technology they need to convey. More often, they say, the relationship with nature is handled not as an artist, but as a human being, which is consistent with their character.

This summer was their first time in Chengdu. Although the time was short and energy was limited, they still accumulated a lot of source and materials through walking and exploring. More precisely, this is an intuitive feeling from the body, from the complex network of images and sounds of the city, which are direct, real, and incredibly impactful. Sound, as a material with a strong sense of resonance and experience, has become an unusual medium for them to express emotions and feelings, and an effective means to create an immersive space. Apart from the background of the urbanisation process, Lukas Fütterer and Jo Wanneng were amazed by the combination of noisy and quiet city streets. These areas are full of energy and contrast, but they are always in sync and running, without any sense of contradiction. People living here seem to be "Almost unreal, but delightful.” The old community in the city and the shiny high-rise buildings are also beyond their imagination. In contrast, Chengdu is living and personalised, rich in content, unique and vibrant. It's not that we can always hear the negative comments about clutter, or rough imitation splicing. People are living here in their way, active and full of energy, not esoteric but grounded.

STRWÜÜ said it was their understanding of "folk wisdom", which arose one after another. Moreover, of course, this spirit and vitality are moving.

Artistic Director: Sunny Sun
Curator: Cai Liyuan

Artist: STRWÜÜ

Organizer: LUXELAKES·A4 Art Museum, Goethe-Institut China

Time: From October 6, 2018 to October 13, 2018

开幕:2018年10月6日(周六) 15:00
Opening: 15:00, October 6, 2018 (Sat.)

Venue:Workshop space and triangle stair of second floor, LUXELAKES•A4 Art Museum