Summer Crash Course - King of Trashtopia

Summer July 2019: Summer Crash Course ┬┤Kings of Trashtopia┬┤ in an art school in Barcelona!

The July 2019 summer crash course will be shaped around the theme 'King of Trashtopia'. In our times people are floating around the world desperately in search for a place to live. Simultaneously plastic finds it's way to clump together in our oceans vortices forming unclaimed islands and ignored waste lands. Can these great manmade tragedies give direchtion to divide and use our planet?

All creative spirits, artists, philosophers, environmentalists, engineers, architects, and designers are welcome to join us in our Barcelona art school for the month of July. Our approuch to the theme is very open, all aristic ideas are welcome! On the 25th of July, your ideas will be exhibited in our gallery and show the views of a new artistic generation. 

Dates: 1- 26 July (exhibition on 25 July)
Price: 970,- (optional Spanish classes, 2 x 2 hours/ week for 90,- extra)