Beyond the light

La Macina di San Cresci participates in the annual SLOW ART DAY to be held April 12, 2014.

SLOW ART DAY is an event that takes place simultaneously in nearly 200 galleries and museums around the world and encourages the visitors to think, to observe slowly the artworks and discuss the experience.
For the exhibition "Beyond the Light" have been selected 5 lamps by Duccio Trassinelli.
Light is the source that determines form.
When we say "What a beautiful day!" , the beauty of that day is defined by a special light, and that light determines how one appreciates the surrounding environment.
The lighting objects exhibited here strive to encourage the public in reflection on the aesthetic as well as interior.
What inspires me in design? Is it the creation of objects with functional uses? Or is design a conduit for my imagination?
Should the designer's role be to create objects that will improve daily life, or can the designer make objects that, beyond function, become primarily pieces of art?
By drawing the viewer’s sight through and beyond the Costellazione lamp, the exhibition aims to stimulate discussion on the role which design has taken in recent years.


Hour : 5pm-8pm