Res Artis is pleased to announce its first ResSupport fellowship of 2014!

This year, Res Artis member Akademie Schloss Solitude (Germany) will be generously hosting Katherine Kennedy, from The Fresh Milk Art Platfomr Inc.(Barbados). This will be Akademie Schloss Solitudes second time participating in our ResSupport Fellowships.

During her two-month stay from September to November 2014, she will be introduced to the different working areas of Akademie Schloss Solitude and gain more insights how this prestigious residency program is run. In this opportunity, the fellow will learn about Akademie Schloss Solitude’s management, increasing visibility on a global level, and discuss the ongoing challenges of sustainability within artist residencies. She will also interact with other fellows and artists in residence in order to learn about new practices. Additionally, she will attend fellow and staff presentations, as well as make presentations of her own pertaining to Fresh Milk and the Caribbean creative Arena to create a cross-cultural dialogue, which will allow all parties to better understand the contexts that Fresh Milk functions within.

We are sure that this fellowship will further initiate exchanges and build relationships within the residency field between the Caribbean and Europe, while also, contributing to a more dynamic and sustainable cultural environment throughout the Caribbean.

These fellowship experiences enable participants to observe, reflect and utilize various organizational factors, while gaining an active role and a behind the scenes look at the daily work of an experienced member organisation.

This experience provides an opportunity to further organisational awareness, strengthen bonds, and facilitate knowledge and cross-cultural sharing among members of the Res Artis Network.

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Res Artis
Alvaro de Salvo, Communication Manager

Akademie Schloss Sollitude

Angela Butterstein, Coordination Press and Public Relations

The Fresh Milk Art Platform Inc

Annalee Davis, Director

Res Artis is pleased to announce its first ResSupport fellowship of 2014!

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