June is a month of external meetings for Res Artis

Check out some of the gatherings that we´ll be attending and get in touch so we can meet in person!

June, 5-6, 2014 @Pogon, Zagreb Center for Independent Culture and Youth in partnership with Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia, EUNIC Croatia, Clubture Network

The forum will explore practices of organising and supporting residency programmes, examining their role as hubs for inter-local and inter-cultural exchange.

Res Artis is invited to give its ResSupport Workshop to the emerging residency field and aims to create a white paper on public support to the Ministry of Culture produced by the artist residencies present in an adjacent work shop.

We ask: What does the Croatian residency field in order to develop sustainably?

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June 11-13, 2014 @EUNIC Summer Academy, Stockholm, supported by EUNIC, Intercult and the Swedish Institute.

The programme will look at innovative residency programmes focusing on mobility between countries in and outside Europe, and how residencies might contribute to local, regional and international development. As part of the training, we will also be taking a look at residency programmes as a tool of public diplomacy.

Res Artis is invited to talk about the social impact of artist residencies and the potential of a productive partnership with public diplomacy.

We ask: Is there one and what can it look like? What is public diplomacy’s stance on soft diplomacy (in the residency field)?

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June 17-19, 2014 @Training and networking meetings in Luxemburg – Coordinated by the Agence luxembourgeoise d’action culturelle and On the Move
This encounter will focus on discussing social media, external communications and information about culture: current practices and strategies for the future for cultural networks.

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30 June - 2 July 2014, Belgrade, Creative Europe Programme 2014-2020 Conference: Serbia and the Prospects of European Cooperation.
The first conference of the Serbian Creative Europe Desk, Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.

The conference features three days of panels, workshops and accompanying programmes covering the topic of contemporary cultural policy and European cooperation. The first day presents existing initiatives and models of modern European and international cooperation including panels to discuss existing and potential challenges in cultural cooperation.

The second day of the conference is dedicated to key issues of the Creative Europe Programme: audience development, mobility and creative industries. Audience development, as an important guideline of European cultural policy points to the idea that cultural programmes and projects are intended for broader social communities and is an area which remains insufficiently researched and applied.

Res Artis is invited to speak on the panel How do the changes in place affect changes in awareness: culture and mobility. As always Res Artis will represent the residency managers and not the artist perspective.

We ask: What are the challenges when working for people from all around the world, to get them to your place and to host them?

EU accepts Serbia to participate in Creative Europe programme

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June is a month of external meetings for Res Artis

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