Dramaturgia in vivo / Nightshots

Results of artistic exchange in between brazilian and french artists in Festival off Avignon 2014.

Cooperation artistic project in between brazilian and french artists
Festival off d’Avignon - La Manufacture / Collectif contemporain
7, 8, 9, 10 Juillet 2014 à 22h30

“Dramaturgia in vivo / Nights shots” is a creation and exchange projects between French and Brazilian artists. Participants are immersed within nature during 15 days in PensamentoTropical Art Center, Itacaré Bahia Brazil. They meet their inner nature and rediscover their creative energy. Far away from daily worries and disturbances, they learn about each other and weave a collective experience. They work beyond disciplines and language boundaries and compose works that will be presented at the 2014 edition of Nightshots, in La Manufacture / Collectif Contemporain, Avignon festival Off in France.

From July 7 to 10, we propose multiples forms of creation, from performance and artistic installation to theatre and dance, all created through the natural immersion that takes place at Pensamento Tropical.

Invitation from Cathy Pollini and Guillaume Lauruol.
With Eric Arnal Burtschy, Jean-François Spricigo, Geoffrey Coppini, Lyllie Rouvière, Laurent Derobert, Bernardo Stumpf, Thiago Amoral, Fabricio Licursi.

http://www.pensamentotropical.com/dramaturgiainvivonighshots.html (in french)
http://lamanufacture.org/programmation/56-2014/528-nightshots-bresil-dramaturgia-in-vivo (in french)


The shock against an irreducible, innocent and powerful nature
An active sleep
A passive awakening
Rest before work
What work?
Would work be more important than my own life?
How to redefine my origins, my boundaries? How to reshape my 5 senses through the meanings of my life?
Living beings; being is living; dramaturgy is permanent
The space-time leaves historicity to turn into temperature
When a relentless nature proposes unmodifiable rhythms and designs, one cannot stop his/her inner transformations from coming to surface
Thought is physics
Beings communicate; they should not deal with creating something, but with leaving things created out there to appear.


The Pensamento tropical Art Center is a place disconnected from time and located in a natural preserve in Itacaré, Bahia, Brazil. Created by Cathy Pollini and Guillaume Lauruol, the art center offers artists an opportunity to reflect on their research. Since 2009, Pensamento Tropical welcomes residents from Brazil, Europe, and the rest of the world. We develop, produce and distribute their collaborative artistic projects. We question the practice of art and attempt to create new spaces of reflection and performance.
The call for application of the PAUSE#2 program is open for artistic residency in between september 2014 and march 2015.

Production: Pensamento Tropical and Association CAT40
Support: French ministery of Culture and Communication, Institut Français / Région PACA, Consulat de France à Recife, Wallonie Bruxelles International, La Manufacture / Collectif Contemporain.

Profissional contact:
+33662714169 / +557391701532