In memoriam: Crystal Ruth Bell

We are very saddened and in great shock by the passing of our Board member Crystal Ruth Bell.

She passed away last Sunday far too young.

Crystal joined the Res Artis Board since the beginning of this year. Although only 28 years old, in short time she contributed a lot with her creativeness, energetic approach and knowledge of the artist residency field.

As former director of Red Gate Residency but foremost as the founder of China Residencies she helped to develop the artist residency field in China and was enthusiastic to continue to do so within the Res Artis network.

We are thankful for her involvement with Res Artis. We feel grateful that she was also able to join us at our last meeting in Australia, where she was extremely generous, as always, with her insights, and with her sense of humor.

Although not everybody from the Res Artis Team was that lucky to have met her in person but only through Skype or Email, we will miss her voice and extremely positive input. All our thoughts go to her family and friends. 

In memoriam: Crystal Ruth Bell

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