Restructuring the Res Artis Board

The Res Artis Board is undergoing some personnel changes.

The Res Artis Board is pleased to welcome its new Vice-president and Treasurer, while also saying goodbye to two longtime and dedicated Board members who assisted the Board over a period of 8 years of service.

At the Res Artis Board meeting on July 3, Eliza Roberts (Asialink, Australia) succeeded Tatsuhiko Murata and became the new Vice- President and Francisco Guevara (Arquetopia, Mexico) succeeded Karol Frühauf and became the new Treasurer.

Res Artis has enjoyed participating with the solution-oriented, practical and very warm-hearted outgoing members of the Board. They have always responded to every situation in meaningful ways to improve the organisation.

Res Artis is thankful for their unwaivering generosity of time, talent and finances, and acknowledges the shared commitment of Murata-san and Karol to make an actual and substantial difference to and for our network.

We wish the best to the new Vice-President and Treasurer.

Restructuring  the Res Artis Board

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