PRO VOBIS announces the "BIENNELE di ASSISI".

The ART RESIDENCE PRO VOBIS announces one of the major yearly cultural event in ASSISI:

the " BIENNELE di ASSISI". The contemporary Art Exhibition will start the 25th of September ending the 4th of October 2015 and is part of St. Francis celebrations program.

The Artistic and Cultural Association ASSISINARTE is the author and organizer of this worldwide meetng open to all Artists , and is encouraged and sponsored by the Municipality and Major of Assisi.

The ASSISINARTE is also associated for the promotion of the project of the Art Residence PRO VOBIS.

For the Artists interested in this quite relevant international cultural event is possible to create their Artworks in situ in our Residence and the Casa "The Artist" , open form April till September 2015.

The Artworks will be hel in custody untill the exhibition free of charge.

Dead line for applications END OF JUINE 2015 . Please contact info@provobisassisi.com for any information you may need.