Summer Workshop: Galapagos

Inspired by the Galapagos Archipelago, an intensive 5-week interdisciplinary creative workshop.

Inspired by the Galapagos Archipelago and the knowledge transformations brought about as a consequence of Darwin’s five-week experience within their dense bio-diversity, the workshop will emerge from the first principle of the theory of evolution: When individual agents are brought into proximity they interact, building new linkages, under the right circumstances these interactions create transformation, developing new forms. The proximity and interaction of a great diversity of agency is fundamental to the emergence of new forms; knowledge evolves, comprehension evolves, new forms emerge. Recognizing these diverse forms of agency as a diversity of ‘ways of knowing’ brought in to close proximity, we begin to understand a living system of knowledge transformation; a 'general assembly of education'.

The structure of this year’s workshop is situated between the collective embodied process of construction and the dynamic interactions of a wide-range of disciplines understood as a living system.

There are people and institutions across all disciplines and across the globe that increasingly are confronted by the need for new models of asking the extraordinarily complex questions of our time. The challenges and possibilities of such a moment are extraordinary; they call for creative urgency, considered stewardship and new spaces bringing together diverse voices. With ‘Galapagos Now:’ Arts Letters & Numbers initiates the Galapagos Project; an educational project in collaboration with institutions and individuals world-wide to foster active proximity and interaction among diverse cultures, disciplines and living systems. The mission and meaning of this framework is to encourage, facilitate and advocate for a greater diversity of agents to interact, which in turn enables individuals to build connections between their multiple diverse ways of living / knowing.


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