Drawing is finding things to see by Pieter Holstein (The Netherlands)

Exhbition by Pieter Holstein at the Chinese European Art Center.

Pieter Holstein (The Netherlands)
Drawing is finding things to see                                                                                

Opening: March 14, 2015, at 5 PM,                                                                      

Duration: March 14 till April 11, 2015                                                    

Pieter Holstein                                                                                                

Born1934, The Netherlands. Lives and works in Amsterdam and France.

Pieter Holstein is best known for the graphic works he made in the seventies and eighties. His work is poetic and at the same time philosophical and its influence has spread from Dutch to Icelandic artists. His work has been shown world-wide.

Pieter Holstein explains himself:

The exhibition in CEAC is a great pleasure to me around my 81st birthday, I am most grateful to have been invited again.

I will show new and older works. Central stands to me the realization of the meaning of the program of CEAC as I have seen it come to life. First it is an exchange within cultural realities.

A diversity of artists can come to China and Chinese artists go elsewhere.

Then two aspects are stressed in the realization of the content of CEAC that I also recognize as a central theme in many situations of our times.

I am thinking of the need for independence of mind in the content of shaped form and secondly the often conflicting reality in which it is exposed and the thought that this difference will endure.

I have once made a picture that illustrates this and I add it as an example of the show that has a diversity of works.

The waterfall by Pieter Holstein

I call the image not the real,

the image is a sign,

a thought to be recognized.

The image, being a visual language piece,

is always symbolical.

In each image lies a thought,

a meaning, that we have created.

Since we are nearly flooded by images

in us and around us,

the time has come not to merely look at them

or to react to them,

but to identify the thoughts and feelings

that shaped them.

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