Workshops in metal at the LSC

Workshops in Blacksmithing, Welding and Tempering at the Leitrim Sculpture Centre.

Sat 11th - Sun 12th July 2015

MF2 Blacksmithing

Tutor: Michael Budd. Duration: 2 Days. Cost: €150

This course teaches you basic forging techniques to create sculptural forms. Students should come with sturdy boots. For beginners of blacksmithing.

Sat 22nd - Sun 23rd August 2015

MF1 Welding

Tutor: Michael O’Hara. Duration: 2 Days. Cost: €200

The module was designed to introduce the student to Metal Crafts, which they can apply to their own requirements. Introduction to cutting and grinding techniques and uses of hacksaw; files; drills; hammers; grinders; chop-saw; sanders. Demonstrated competence in MMA/Arc welding including different weld joints – butt weld, lap weld and T-fillet. Students also attempt similar joints through the TIG welding process. They are shown how to measure and cut steel accurately. Focused upon working through projects set and realizing ideas from concept, design and articulation. Students should come with sturdy boots. For beginners to intermediate.

Sat 29th- Sun 30th August 2015

MF3 Tool Making And Tempering Forge

Tutor: Seamus Dunbar And Jonathan Ball. Duration: 2 Days Participants: 6. Cost: €190

This course combines the crafts of the carver and the smith. Participants will be introduced to the Blacksmith’s tools and equipment, basic forging techniques. It will show you how to source and recognize appropriate steel and understand different patterns of stone carving tools and their application. Participants will make their own basic kit of hand tools. Students come with sturdy boots.

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Workshops in metal at the LSC