Recapture of Pro Vobis Exhibition

Contemporary Art Exhibition - Concert and more.

The Art Residence Pro Vobis in Assisi, proudly announces the closing of its first International Contemorary Art Exhibition for its Artists in Residence coming from 9 different countries.

The event was so much appreciated by the public that all Artists  were surprised and at the same time very pleased by the quite a number of sales of their art works.

In the same period the Art Residence Pro Vobis produced for the opening of Assisi Suono Sacro FESTIVAL the Conference-Concert "Saint Francis: The Devine Manifestation of the Nature Magnified by the Music"

with musics by Handel, Schumann , Listz , Debussy ,Messianen

performed by: Anne-Claire DESPRETZ ,  Soprano- Emilie PIERREL ,  Flute -  Estelle GERTHOFFER ad Nicolas HUSSER ,  Piano.

A musical walk in search of cues for a praise to the nature.

The Art Residence Pro Vobis continues to host Artists from all over the world organizing significant events with the only  purpose of PROMOTION both of the Arts and the Artists, encouraging multinational cultural and artistic exchange.