Chinese European Art Center (CEAC) Exhibition and book launch by Theresa Kampmeier (Germany)

Exhibition and book launch at Chinese European Art Center (CEAC).

Theresa Kampmeier (Germany)

Exhibition and book launch

Duration: August 29 till September 26, 2015
Open: Tuesday to Saturday 12:30 till 17:30
Chinese European Art Center, 3rd Floor, Siming South Road 400, Xiamen
T/F/M: 0086 592 2180850 / 13806021762
info@ceac99.com / info@ceac99.org

This exhibition presents a group of works made during the three months period German artist Theresa Kampmeier spent at the artist residency of the CEAC in Xiamen. Some of them can be considered works in progress whereas others are concluded.

The point of concentration and reference for all works in the show is the artist book Poems of the Cold. This publication includes 29 usable postcards showing photographs and collages, as well as a book of prose in English and Chinese. It is on display in the art center for the duration of the exhibition. It is also distributed extensively among street vendors in Xiamen, for them to use, sell or reproduce as they wish, and will probably be seen there for longer.

Furthermore, there is a sound piece on a phone line called Solitude. There is a multi-part installation occupying most of the space, left untitled and representing an organic and sparse mirror of Kampmeier's working period while writing the Poems of the Cold. In the entrance, there is a laser-engraved acrylic sheet, At Amoy, relaying visitors to an online short story through several QR codes. The images shown on the poster of the exhibition stem from the shooting of the photograph Cock, Ginger & Jade – Love Story on the Beach, part of a series yet to be concluded.

While in Xiamen, Theresa Kampmeier was reaching at possibilities of site specificity in fiction. This is a continuation of her ongoing work on place. Among other tropes visitors will find, the everyday – the common, the unspecial – plays a great role in her appeal to imagination and awareness. In language and in objects and habits, she finds the common and begins an immersed game, full of word plays, associations and suggestions; very simple. Relationships to ancient Chinese thought are extended here. The exhibition at the CEAC therefore holds a momentary glimpse of its own location seen from both: elsewhere and within its environment, while the art on its inside opens gates between insides and outsides alike, not being independent, claiming no authority, floating as a substance which only as an element is singular.

Theresa Kampmeier was born 1991 in Germany. Since 2010, she has been studying free fine arts in the class of Prof. Willem de Rooij at the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main. She is nominated for the county grant of North Rhine-Westphalia for young artists in 2015. The residency was generously supported by the National German Academic Foundation.

Out goes a great thank you to the numerous persons and instances who have collaborated on this group of works, both directly and unknowingly.

C-Platform invited Theresa Kampmeier to give an artist talk with the title Counting the distance of the storm on Sunday, 30th of August 2015 at 3 pm in their space. Everybody is warmly invited to gather there. Please find more information on their website. www.c-platform.org

For more information about the artist, please visit her website. www.theresakampmeier.de