Happening - "Residency Month" Article Series

Happening.media, a contemporary arts journal, recently covered a series on artist residencies.

Happening has recently featured a series titled "Residency Month", where they explored different types of residencies across the world, as well as the different opportunities they provide artists with. 

Residency Month on Happening is the first collection of articles that come together to form a series, within which each article acts as an episode, revealing an aspect of the role of artist residencies in the art world, or opening up a geographic location and the way that artist residencies function across the globe.

Episode 1, Into the wilderness | artist residencies across the globe 
Episode 2, The superstar factory | Aaron Cézar and the Delfina Foundation
Episode 3, Artist residencies are trending in Lagos
Episode 4, Ifitry – A one-of-a-kind residency in Morocco
Episode 5, Artist Residencies in London | The city is your studio
Episode 6, Idealism and refuge in residence in the Swiss Alps
Episode 7, The fine line between artist residency and Airbnb

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Happening - "Residency Month" Article Series