City and Beach, double destination program in Brazil

Stay at the thriling city of São Paulo for two weeks and then chill out two weeks at Itanhaém Beach.

Prainha Residência and Casa Tamarindo have a partnership that allows residents to stay in both destinations, half of the residency period in each city, for a completely different experience and lots of learning and fun. Both residencies are organized by the same curator Ricardo Ramalho, so they are fully integrated. Itanhaém is a small beach town just 100 km from São Paulo metropolitan area.

Check Casa Tamarindo profile at ResArtis  http://www.resartis.org/en/residencies/list_of_residencies/?id_content=7227

And Prainha Residencia profile http://www.resartis.org/en/residencies/list_of_residencies/?id_content=7247

Why choosing when you can have both? Contact Ricardo for details! artistaramalho@gmail.com