"Wild Horses" / PILOTENKUECHE Exhibition at Gallery Bipolar

PILOTENKUECHE Exhibition at Gallery Bipolar.

The latest show of the recent residents from USA, Germany, Chile, France, Canada, Poland, UK, Japan, Ireland & the Netherlands will present recent results after they worked 2 months in the residency. This round of artists offers a very special focus on abstract painting, performance, drawing and science art. The works are presenting a diversity of expression around the topics of identity, technic & nature with performative & activism approaches. Each position lights from its own perpective onto contentual interfaces to light them out from diverse points of view.

The exhibition aim to give a preview for the final presentation which will take place in January 2017 and to develop a dialoque between interests & artists. The goal is to overthink and to reflect the own position as well as the results of the others to discover interfaces and common topics.

The PILOTENKUECHE Artist Residency is a non-profit studio program open to artists of all internationalities. The work towards the common goal of a final group exhibition leads to intensive dialogue about individual ideas and working practices, binding the artist individuality temporarily into a group, which leads to a longer-term network that exists even after the residency is over.

"WILD HORSES" / preview exhibition

Opening: 02.12.16, 18:00h
Open from: 02.12 – 16.12.16
Finissage: 17.12.16, 18:00h
Location: Galerie Bipolar, Haferkornstr. 15, 04129 Leipzig

Find this event on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1633615893602793/ 

Find this event on our website: http://westside.pilotenkueche.net/?p=3985 

with live concert during the opening. Music by Clash Clash Bang Bang from Berlin and zero zero zooo from Leipzig.


Christian Brown (Mixed Media, Printmaking; USA)
Web: http://www.christianbrown.net/ 

David Dunne (Installation, Mixed Media; Ireland)
Web: http://www.daviddunne.ie/ 

Demetra Kallitsi (Conceptual, Performance, Video; Cyprus)
Web: http://www.dkallitsi.com/ 

Elysia Byrd (Painting, Drawing, Sculpture; UK)
Web: http://www.elysiabyrd.co.uk/ 

Jacqueline van de Geer (Performance; Netherlands, Canada)
Web: http://www.jacquelinevandegeer.com/ 

Jamison Edgar (Painting, Mixed Media; USA)
Web: http://www.southernboi.com/ 

Natalia Kalicki (Painting; Poland, Canada)
Web: http://www.nataliakalicki.com/ 

Nicolás Olivares (Painting; Chile, France)
Web: http://www.nicolasolivares.net/ 

Sanne Maloe Slecht (Mixed Media, Painting, Netherlands)
Web: http://www.sannemaloe.nl/ 

Rebekka Kraft (Mixed Media; Germany)
Web: http://www.rebekkakraft.de/ 

Spinnereistr. 7
D-04179 Leipzig

+49 1742128016


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