It is a lover who speaks and says. Daniela Caderas, Mire Lee y Dorian Sari

Homesession exhibition in collaboration with Bar Project. Artist in residence Mire Lee.

It is a lover who speaks and says, a collaborative project of Homesession and Bar project, is an exhibition of three resident artists from different background. Each of them presents works that carry handmade quality in their own particular way. Daniela Caderas takes a direct visual reference from the road tiles in Barcelona, transforms it into her visual language using embroidery. Mire Lee presents a short story and a figurative sculpture through the portrait of a girl whom the artist met here in Barcelona. Dorian Sari displays a large-scale fabric, a found object in the Bar project’s flat, on which he created dense and obsessive traces with two different textures. As an amalgam, the exhibition creates a scene where different energies meet each other and speaks directly but also affectively to the audience.

Daniela Caderas (Switzerland, 1983) uses a wide variety of everyday materials in her sculptures and installations. Her diverse practice draws on the legacies of craft techniques such as embroidering, sewing and forging. By testing and playing with contemporary visuals that are based on western culture Daniela opens up a critical dialogue between art, fashion, lifestyle and materialism. 

Mire Lee (Korea, 1988) explores the inner motives that exist in the properties and materials of sculpture. Employing diverse media other than sculpture, her recent practice studies the shape of energy such as drive, vitality, charm and sentimentality.

Dorian Sari (Turkey, 1989) Multi-disciplinary visual artist. Observer of politics, motions and social movements. Looking into human beings, cultures and projects them with personal mythology in his installations. Making sublimation of actuality with materials found in the street.

Mire Lee (Korea, 1988) is a resident artist in Homeseesion from July to August 2017. Undergraduated in Sculpture/Media Art in 2013 at Seoul National University, she employs diverse media to explore the drive and energy as well as the blunt characteristics proper to three-dimensional media. She had a solo show The War Isn’t Won by Soldiers It’s Won by Sentiment in Insa Art Space in 2014 and participated in projects such as A Snowflake (Kukje Gallery, Seoul, 2017), Do it 2017 Seoul (Ilmin Museum, Seoul, 2017), The art of not landing (Cake Gallery, Seoul, 2016), Mediacity Seoul Neriri Kiruru Harara (SeMA, Seoul, 2016) among many.

Opening: 22nd August 7 pm
Carrer Creu dels Molers, 15. Barcelona (Spain)