Open Studio | ´ace Artists-in-Residence International Program

Artists-in-Residence open studio at Buenos Aires, Argentina.

On Friday, August 25th, 2017 as a closing to the residency period of 'acePIRAR, the house of 'ace opened its doors for an Open Studio.

The four artists in residence presented their projects in process in each of their workspaces, generating dialogues, suggestions and relevant contributions from those who visited us.

Wah Yan Au, from Hong Kong, showed her artist book in process, the photolithographies she did and also shared her research experience on bookstores, independent publishers of Buenos Aires and Latin American authors.

Serene Dakak, sub30 artist from Palestine, presented her project "Self-object" and spoke about how each different context affects her work, her self-portrait and her self-reflection.

Michael Claire, from Chicago, USA was working in La Torre and from there showed the significant amount of works he produced during his month in Buenos Aires. Claire took as a starting point for the artworks, the walking tour of this city, in one month he used only once the public transport (this is relevanttaking into account the size of Buenos Aires). He took drew on maps all his travels and took this as a formal basis for his artwork.

Bárbara Alperowicz, a Buenos Aires artist who made a micro-residence (5 days), also talked about her brief but intense time in 'ace' studies about her visual and conceptual work on what disappears or re-locates and her formal and technical search to capture or reflect on the topic.

4 artists from distant places, showed many points and interests in common from the first day. All interested by the social role of the artist in the contemporary world and very committed to their production.

In addition, the international projects El Pliego (organized by the dx5 group of the University of Vigo in Pontevedra, Spain in collaboration with the Department of Philosophy and Arts of the University of Quebec in Canada) and on Self-portraits, Montana State University session, continue on exhibit.

Open Studio | ´ace Artists-in-Residence International Program

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