April 2016

Perrong (Finland)

Perrong residency program is a new artist in Residence program founded in 2015 by Plattform artist association. The residency is located in Hajala, Salo, Finland. It's on the old Hajala train station crounds. the residency house is over one hundred years old wooden house building. It's the house of the Railway attendent, with spacious rooms and big windows, witch gives the rooms good light. Our central focus is to break boundaries and unite artist to work together mixing different artforms. 

Pienkow Artist in Residency (Poland)
Pienkow Artist in Residency

The Pienkow Artist in Residency program is the continuation of a visual arts residency program that lasted from 2001-2011. We host young artists from around the world for two weeks near Che?m, Poland, and provide them with an opportunity to paint, exchange ideas and engage with each other. The residency concludes in a competition of the works created during the two week stay.

Thalie Art Foundation (Belgium)
Thalie Art Foundation

Based in Brussels (Be), the Thalie Art Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to supporting forms of socially-engaged contemporary art as well as promoting intercultural exchanges. Operating in collaboration with socio-cultural partners, the foundation develops a programme of exhibitions and workshops devised to highlight the sharing of knowledge and experiences, notably designed for audiences who are unacquainted with art. Thalie Art Foundation will open early 2017 an art center and an artist residency in the heart of Ixelles city.

LABVERDE -Art Immersion Program in the Amazon (Brazil)

LABVERDE has been designed by a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified international professionals from Manifesta Art and Culture and The National Institute of Amazonian Research (INPA). A world reference in tropical biology, INPA conducts research, surveys and inventories of fauna and flora, and investigates the sustainable use of natural resources in the Amazon.

All That We Are at 1450 (Australia)
All That We Are at 1450

1450 is a house near Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. 1450 is a project that connects people through the arts. Lived in by the owners Simon and Victoria this house offers short term placements for artists to spend some quiet time making or reflecting on their work. The house is best suited to writers, musicians, video/other artists and is not really suited to artists making oil paintings.

substructured loss

Established in 2009, the CENTRE FOR THE STUDY OF SUBSTRUCTURED LOSS is a Canadian organization dedicated to the development of applied grief and bereavement research. Interdisciplinary in nature, the research is documented through the use of practice-based/led methods within art and is comprised of work from both creative and technical practitioners. The CENTRE aims to provide a platform for the development of their research and is produced in partnership with local, national, and international academic bodies, institutions, foundations, and non-profits.

Atelier sur Seine (France)
Atelier sur Seine

L´Atelier sur Seine offers a unique opportunity for visual artists to live in a French region known for its long artistic past and work in a historical artist studio overlooking the Seine river. The aim of this program is to encourage artist residents to find inspiration and make progress on their work within the walls of the studio. This artist residency program is hosted by an academic / artistic family from Canada living in France for a year-long sabbatical. 

Salem Art Works (United States)
Salem Art Works

The ethos of SAW is rooted in convergence and collaboration. SAW supports the work of artists at all stages of career development through residencies that create opportunities for the exchange of ideas and skills among practitioners of different ages and backgrounds, working in a diversity of media. In all of our efforts, we promote respectful interaction and engagement among artists, audiences, and works of distinct media, concept, and cultural influence. We strive to manage our organization with professionalism and transparency.

Rucka Artist Residency (Latvia)
Rucka Artist Residency

Rucka Artist Residency in Cesis, Latvia is a space created by artists for artists. Cesis is a small medieval town, an hour’s drive from Riga, with a rich cultural heritage and numerous new creative initiatives. Cesis region has historically been known for its intellectual capacity as many writers, artists and politically and socially active people come from this area. Therefore the aim of the Rucka Artist Residency is to continue the well-established intellectual traditions and to create a space that serves as a meeting point for artists coming from various disciplines to create cross-disciplinary projects dealing with social and environmental issues and a place where new ideas and initiatives are born.

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