August 2016

Craft Village (India)
Craft Village

The Craft Village is one stop destination, where creativity, innovation and knowledge would work for sustainable development.The craft village will work for
upliftment of craftsmen and offer creative program for students interested to learn Indian Crafts from the craftsmen itself. Craft village offers trans-disciplinary approach to improve the quality of life of crafts persons by providing formal contemporary design and product development through design-technology-skill development programs/ workshops on regular basis.


Casa Na Ilha Art Residency Program is based in a colonial house in the island of Ilhabela, Brazil. The Residency Program is an initiative born from the idea of artists from different disciplines to create a space where creativity is encouraged, focusing in the construction of the creative process, development and curatorial process of artistic and environmental engaged projects in one place away from the city and distractions of daily routine.

Creative Regions Ltd (Australia)
Creative Regions Ltd

Creative Regions works to see regional communities thrive through creativity. The company transforms big ideas into high quality arts experiences that add value to regional communities. Creative Regions produces performances, exhibitions, digital content and hybrid arts experiences that connect communities, governments and industry through the creativity of artists. Industry and all levels of government partner with Creative Regions when they are looking for more relevant, compelling and unique methods to engage with communities in deeper and more creative ways.

arthere istanbul (Turkey)
arthere istanbul

In arthere istanbul, the artists will benefit from a multicultural environment and will have opportunities to broaden their vision and understanding of the region particularly in terms of culture and the arts while working in a cosmopolitan, international atmosphere. arthere is an art centre which gathers artists from the Middle East, Turkey and around the world with a management team from Syria, France, and Turkey. The resident will find full understanding, the right support and constructive guidance to develop his/her own artwork and progress in his/her knowledge out of his/her experience from the residency.

Creator Square Johnstown (United States)
Creator Square Johnstown

Creator Square Johnstown is a pioneering artist residency program using makerspace as the key to a vital new community development strategy. It is a unique arts-and-culture-led neighborhood transformation program that invites revolving classes of "Creative Masters" to create successive groups of validated artist makers who can then go out into our communities with the tools to be artisans, small-batch manufacturers, and up-cyclers.

The Katkatha Puppet Arts Trust (India)
Craft Village

Katkatha is a professional puppet theater company based in New Delhi since 1998. We create puppet performances, design and construct puppets and also train professional puppeteers. A large portion of our work is also with youth groups, the urban poor, with women´s collectives in villages and with activists.

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