August 2017

Kammari residency for experimental thinking and arts (Cyprus)
Kammari residency for experimental thinking and arts

The Kammari residency program\'s general aim is to bring internationally together critical theory, experimental thinking and several art disciplines, combined locally to experimentations on the sustainable post-fossil existential means of everyday life. In terms of documentation and publications we aim to support continuous long term research, critical dialogue and public exhibition of research combined with contemporary arts. On a social level we aim to bring artists, philosophers, researcher and writers together and develop international partnerships with individuals, organisations, research centres and universities.

Writers´ Retreats in Greece (Greece)
Writers´ Retreats in Greece

Our Writers’ Retreats offer a spectacular environment to work on your project. Plus, we aim to offer a range of services infused with authentic Greek hospitality that will make you feel comfortable and allow you to focus only in your project. Our Retreats are open all year round aiming to accommodate creative writing projects & related workshops. Alongside literature, we plan to run workshops & seminars on Byzantine Icon making as well as inviting curators & artists to organise, present & run their own aspiring artistic discipline utilizing our resources.

Annex:art - New Mexico (United States)
Annex:art - New Mexico

Annex:art was originally founded in 2004 in Berlin-Friedrichshain as Artline-Berlin, a project of the former Gallery24 International which operated exhibition spaces in Berlin, Paris and New York. The program continues to offer artists the opportunity to exercise their creative talents outside the confines of their base studio environment. In order to facilitate achieving this goal a comprehensive series of programs has been established with focus on allowing the artist the freedom to structure a residency or to participate in a workshop that best suites his/her personal goals.

Cotto Ceramic Studio (Peru)
Cotto Ceramic Studio

Cotto Ceramic Studio\'s Residency Program provides a unique opportunity for artists to research and produce new ceramic projects under the guidance of the Cotto Studio advisors/directors, expand their practice by exploring local materials, and develop new professional networks. The paid program covers a fully-equipped shared pottery studio, production materials including clays, glazes and oxides, kiln firings, feedback and assistance from our team of specialized ceramicists.

Center 424 - Belgrade artist in residence (Serbia)
Center 424 - Belgrade artist in residence

Belgrade AIR is a program as part of the Center424 non-profit artist-run organization that supports artists, curators and martial artists via one-week to three-month residencies in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Residency programs aim to foster cultural exchange between artists from different disciplines, create a dialogue and encourage possible collaboration. Visits to art galleries, museums and artists’ studios will be arranged to facilitate the interaction of international and local art practitioners.

Viljandi Residency (Estonia)
Viljandi Residency

Viljandi Residency Program is coordinated by the Viljandi Centre for Creative Industries (SA Viljandimaa Loomemajanduskeskus). Our program is open for artists-handicraftsmen (textile and metal artists), visual artists (painters, illustrators, cross-disciplinary artists, art curators and art historians, video artists and folk musicians, traditional music ensembles and folk music teachers. We invite people who have made their passion their profession. We welcome artists to spend a one month or three months long residency in Viljandi, a small town in Southern Estonia.

bareneedstudios (Canada)

Artist retreat and residency, bareneedstudios is located in Bareneed on the raw and natural Port de Grave Peninsula, a one hour drive west from St. John´s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. The year-round dual studio space offers artists, curators and creative types a getaway from their everyday existence - an experience framed within a unique geographic and cultural context. Bareneedstudios encourages cultural exchange through local, provincial, national and international artists-in residence for durations of one to six months.

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